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12 Step Program & Ear Acupuncture

I have been working with the twelve step program for over three years now.  During my time here I have enjoyed the core values of the twelve step and I reckon everyone can benefit from it and not just individuals with addictions.  It can help in so many factors; learning to be spiritual and staying this way is a hard.  When we are compromised and put in difficult situations we can behave in destructive ways.  Hence addictions and the behaviour that can lead to these behaviours.  When the steps are studied and gone through behaviour changes and can be so beneficial.  It can change you and will make you want to stay this way because doing the right thing is the way to go.  Yet if we do make mistakes then we are able to recognise straight away and be accountable.  

My work at the twelve step is a once per week auricular acupuncture session which benefits the twelve steppers immensely.  It is a treatment that calms the body, engages and slows down the mind enabling that person’s self awareness to grow and by eliminating chaos and stress.  

The treatment comprises of five needles placed into each ear; two for nervous system (sympathetic and shen men) and the remaining three for kidney, liver and lungs.  These points relax and detoxify the body.  This treatment can be done as a group or in single form and is highly beneficial for substance misuse.  It can also be used for mental health disorders.  It stops cravings as well as helping the body to stay calm and meditative like.  It is a real privilege working with the twelve step, I feel it is the right place for me to work and can relate to the individuals who are here.  I enjoy this work so much and hope to carry on helping them while they are helping themselves.