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5 Reasons Why Jogging Can Help You With Alcohol Recovery

It’s easier to become addicted to negative things than it is to recover from them. With 16.3 million adults ages 18 and older in 2014 having an AUD (Alcohol Use Disorder) in the United States, it’s essential for our communities to come together and learn that the process of recovery starts with learning about what’s happening inside our minds and bodies. With a million different options out there claiming that they can help you with recovery from alcohol addiction sometimes the simplest answer can be the most effective one of all. Here are five reasons how jogging can help you with your alcohol recovery!

Great way to prevent relapse

The cycle of relapse is broken down in three stages; the emotional stage, the psychological stage and the physical stage.

Studies have found that daily goals in the form of positive activities can help to deter negative behavior. By running a couple of times of week, you can set yourself weekly goals to beat your time from the week before. Entering into a race is a great way to set yourself a goal to work towards and helps to encourage regular training into your life!

Improves mental health

Running is not only a great way of improving your overall health and happiness but is also proven to alleviate symptoms of depression. Exercise triggers the release of endorphins (the body’s own natural antidepressant) and helps to reduce stress hormones, including adrenaline and cortisol. If you’re suffering from anxiety or panic attacks you’ll get better faster by throwing on your jogging shoes as running has been shown to reduce generalized anxiety and anxiety sensitivity.

Improves confidence

With each workout our confidence grows and we begin to acknowledge our resilience and determination! Weight loss is a natural result of exercise and developing confidence in body image will lead to increased self-esteem and end up making us feel good about the positivity that we are now providing to our bodies after years of alcohol destruction.

Encourages social interaction

Running can also encourage social interaction. Making friends through running can provide a great social support through recovery. Join a gym, sign up for the local running club or participate in the next mass-organised race and you’re bound to meet other health minded people!

Helps you to take things one day at a time

Taking things easy and giving yourself time to settle into a new routine can be a major factor in making the whole process work out for good. Taking things one day at a time means you can focus on short-term goals and achievements that serve as milestones to mark your progress without having to take massive leaps at once. You can concentrate on getting things done step by step without giving into the stress of how long the road actually is. Don’t let the bigger picture enlarge the size of your problems and doubts, your performance, mood and motivation will grow considerably if instead of trying to run a whole marathon in a day, you start by running a couple blocks and stop every now and then to appreciate the things you can’t normally see when you’re taking the bus or driving a car.

Jogging should not be the only part of your recovery-from-alcohol-plan, but with all the benefits that it brings, why not give it a try today?