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Is Addiction Really a Disease?

I thought a disease is living on the street abandoning human contact , but it can take many shapes and…

Is Addiction Really a Disease?

So, disease is a word that through the ages had been used to describe racial intrusions, religious differences even “sexual…

Is Addiction Really a Disease?

Read my essay on this subject:

Is Addiction Really a Disease?

There is no cure for addiction which is what makes it a disease.

What are your thoughts on 12-step programs?

I’ve heard people say that the 12 steps have kept them clean and saved their lives. I’ve also heard people…

Is Addiction Really a Disease?

yes. Dissect any way you like.

Is Addiction Really a Disease?

Oh,I would say it most definitely is a disease,because it’s eating away at my body and soul right now. I…

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Chrissy, the algorithm is gauging the public’s (site’s users) interest level to decide what to post..

Should we be able to recognize as an addict at AA meetings?

Alcoholism and drug addiction are basically the same thing. In all honesty who is anyone to say whether or not…