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[ Personal Narratives ]

A Disease

They call addiction a disease

Not your fault – you were born with it

Or grew into it

Or whatever happened

To make you this way

But you’re perfect

In your head

Always the best

Unbound by limitations

The smartest person in the room

Who will always have things his way

Then you hit bottom

Shallow or deep

And your life starts to change

New learnings permeating

The deeply entrenched recesses of your mind

Lighting a fire within

That sparks new questions and thoughts

So you learn

And start to change

You see what this new path has to offer

And the future looks bright


Even though things are tough

You still decide

To embrace this new way of life

But along this unfamiliar road

New stumbling blocks await

Posing difficult question

And striving to thwart your progress

But I’m perfect, you say

It’s how I’ve always been

Just as I was in my old life

Why can’t I continue to be in the new?

But you weren’t perfect

You were flawed

Trapped in a desease

That is still with you now

Just as it was


But now

Things are different

You’re still not perfect

But you can claim progress

And while this is hard to see

Through your old blinders of perfection

There will be fellows on your path

Who can remind you

And help you

When you are too short-sighted to recognize it

So don’t despair about the missteps

About the little hinderances along the way

Focus on your progress

On your sobriety

And on your hope

For the future

With your disease in check

And your happiness manifested

In your healthy life