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A Family’s Burden

I’m 49 yrs old, but I’ve been through hell  & back. When I was 18 I met this incredible man. I was in love, we married and had 4 children and spent 15 yrs together. In those 15 years I dealt with what an addict does  & that they look like ordinary people. My husband addiction took more than what I had expected. IT TOOK HIS LIFE. July 15th, 2000 my husband overdosed – leaving me with  4 small children  (ages 3,6,11,14). He was a good man  & I never hid the fact from my children that was how he died. Hoping that I was preparing them for the world  & not make a mistake that he had. He never meant to die, the disease was too strong for him. In 2013  I discovered that my daughter was using heroin  & had been for yrs. What happened I thought I tried to steer them away from all that. I couldn’t take another death from this disease. My daughter fights every day to stay clean. Sure, she’s had mess-ups. I pray every night that my daughter and so many of other people children will be able to fight this disease. All I can do is be there when I can (strong).