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[ Personal Narratives ]

A Heroin Nightmare

My worst nightmare, this sick twisted love affair. Poison on my lips, honey in my veins. IT’S hands are clammy but IT’S grasp is so tight. IT gave me wings but forbids my flight. Should I leave? Should I sneak out tonight? Terrified to make IT mad, this pimp of mine. IT says IT loves me and my beauties devine. But I can tell there’s something disgusting in IT’S evil mind. The look IT has, a plot of demise, deception and lies. I never know how each day will go. Will I survive or will IT’S beatings show? Will the scars on my bleeding heart mend or will they stand beside my grave with a pleading amen? So I ask IT “please why do you want me to die?” Then comes across this salty grin. IT says “if I don’t kill you, you’re likely to win.” What is that, a ray of hope, my life is mine if I beat the dope! Though my only way out is to pass through hell, but I know the way. Yes I know it well. One more beating I must endure before I try s life so pure. So I peel my body off the concrete. This disease I will defeat! So I hand back IT’S tools for lethal injection. The spoon and needle my anesthetic perfection. No more hiding, no more fear, the numbing will disappear. I must look in that mirror. “Mirror mirror on the wall, why was I crippled among them all?” “I see some crippled, I see some cracked, but only love does your heart lack. Love from within must find it’s way. The sinful demon your heart to slay.” Look back once my last goodbye. Never again will I choose to die. I run with victory and thank my Lord for blessing me.