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A Warrior Rebirthed

Heroin pulses through my scarred veins

No longer does it help soothe, or cease the pain

I miss the numbness and the freedom I felt

But nothing is free when my arm is tied with a belt

The needle pierces through, and into my soul,

The permeating relief has taken it’s toll.

I’m chained and imprisoned with tourniquets and syringes

I spends my days, and nights on benders and binges.

In the fetal position, I don’t have what it takes.

The withdrawals that hit are too agonizing to shake.

I hate the junkie that I have become

I’ve burned every bridge and it can’t be undone

I feel my twig like limbs  tire, as I pound the concrete

I spend hours of the night cold while hustling the streets.

My air supply is short, I no longer fear danger.

I look in the mirror and, even I see a stranger.

No reflection  of the girl that I once was.

But an addict needs to do what an addict does.

I’ve buried many lives and can’t help but wonder

When heroin will decide to take me six feet under.

In the world of addiction a predictable fate.

By the time you read these words it  may be too late.

So bring awareness,  and please spread the word, 

 although I’m not down there, I’m as free as a bird.

I’m no longer chained, but I wish you could see

Please be a warrior and don’t follow me,

Unchain yourself, right there on Earth.

You don’t need to come here to be rebirthed.