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Addicted Baby Charlotte

It was suggested i tell a little of my story, and now that im clean i take suggestions. lol My husband and i have been together 26 yrs married 25 met when 17yrs old. 3 kids 25,20,19. We met using, when kids came i quit hard stuff still drank often and a little pot. He worked a lot and smoked meth for all the over time. i believe he maintain for so long because he was using it for his ADHD and work kinda like meds. well 6 years ago the addiction was getting bad we had problems with both of our addictions. I tried quitting drinking and started taking pills because of course i wasnt using drug of choice so i was clean. Right? i would relapse with the alcohol every couple months and attack him for being a tweaker.

The last year or so he was real bad just not him. last fall he was mentally gone and in Jan. for first time started shooting meth and then heroin. he had drug induced psychosis and totally flipped . He slept with the girl that introduced him to shooting and got her pregnant.

She is now 7 months pregnant has been living on the streets prostituting herself and using heroin and other drugs. She frequently gets arrested but they just let her go.

My husband is in recovery now and doing much better he starts work again in September. We are concerned about the baby and are trying to make sure she doesn’t have to go into the system for months before we can bring her home.