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A Father Addicted

…I am a Addicted Father, my daughter lays watching as the walls fade away

I wish I had known that the end was today

I would have given anything to help us fix us

But it couldn’t add up to the misuse and mistrust

I don’t understand the battle were facing

I’ll never understand the decisions you’re making

I’ve never felt so sad and scarred

Who was to know love would be this hard

I wish I knew how to make you better 

why aren’t your children enough for you to treasure

Everything weighing on me, it’s too much to measure

All for you to have a couple hours of pleasure

Your daughter, she doesn’t understand

She just holds up her hands cuz she wants her best friend

But the want inside of you isn’t strong enough to beat out the evil

I keep wondering “why oh why is this family only optional”

I wish I could help you grow

Instead you keep sinking; so low so low.

I don’t understand where the man I once knew had to go.

I feel selfish sometimes to separate my children from this life

But then I remember it’s not selfish, it’s sacrifice

I didn’t make the decision although it’s so sad

The addict forced this and the addict is their dad….

I am an Addicted Father