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Addiction is a Horror Movie and a Thriller Too

Movies are powerful media that connect people to life, fictional or not. It is more than often—unless it’s a UFO story—that we sit and watch a movie, commercial, or play and say to ourselves, “I’ve been there,” ” I know someone,” or “I feel them.” I am not saying that those who say have experienced UFO’s are lying. We all have our stories.

Films can educate, shine the mirror back on the viewer. Display on the big screen what the viewer is living, feeling, fearing, or hiding. We all have our secrets, but sometimes they can take out lives: your own or someone who loves you. In this world, we are brought in through a story, we live our lives like a story and when we go, the legacy we leave is our story. We only have this one life; unless someone out there can actually prove that they went through the entire cycle of life and can recount it, then it’s a story. I believe that if I can produce a story that people can connect with, fear, love, and hate, it will conjure up emotions, talk, discussion. It may be ugly, but it’ll turn heads. I’d rather see a head turning then one lying in a casket.

Today the world is constantly seeking for a ride, a thrill, a fantasy, a way to go beyond. What is happening? Our youth is too challenged, too intense, too focused on beating each other out on anything and everything. What is the rush? Ah, and there it is: the rush. The bad guys take advantage of this weakness, it’s not a strength; then bad things happen. Drugs are not the answer, never have been. I understand the earthy ones, but unfortunately when everything gets intertwined with other elements, it’s no longer a pure form of anything. It’s no longer earthy.

I am creating a series. It’s a zombie series. Why? Because addicts look like zombies, act like them and eventually kill or are killed. This is for them to watch. They will cringe, laugh, connect, deny everything they see, but it will not be a movie that rewards their behavior. It is a movie that will show what their behavior does to them and the ones that love them.

A series has many elements and through them I plan on showing the love, the drama, the gore, the pain, the help and salvation needed/received/brought onto all by people that love these addicts. However, first we must scare them. Homonecrosis: Save Humanity is on social media and on Indiegogo. Yes, we are looking for people that understand this pain. Unfortunately, sometimes really tough love is needed. The mother in this story takes her children, her addicts, on a ride of discovery and teaches them a lesson nobody sees coming. A mother’s biggest fear is to lose her kids to anything. A parent’s biggest challenge is to keep their children safe from any harm, even themselves.

See you in the movies.