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Addiction is a Predator

Addiction is cunning. It knows just when to strike and like other predators, it studies its prey carefully. It awaits moments in which we doubt ourselves, and also when we feel undeserving and ashamed. It preys on the lonely.  It attacks when we are entrenched in the most vulnerable of times. It patiently waits in the shadows of darkness within our minds. It smells and senses fear from far away distances.

If given the opportunity it will grab a hold of us and it will tear us apart physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Addiction is camouflaged in temptations all around us in our everyday lives. We can’t see it, but it sees us. We must remain vigilant at all times so it doesn’t have to sneak up on us when we least expect it. This predatory disease will attempt to entice us with things we find most desirable. It will offer us vast relief when we feel intolerable pain.

 It will promise everything that’s good but delivers nothing but heartache

Addiction whispers in our ears as we lay down to sleep at night. It tells us that we’re better off dead. We try to quiet the voice that relentlessly repeats sayings like,  “you’re worthless, you’re nothing, and no one loves you like I do.”

When we are feeling strong we tell it to ” fuck off.” 

Sometimes if we are lucky this works and we’re given a reprieve. It will return though. It always does. We must be ready. We must congregate and stick together. There is  strength in numbers even when we alone are in a state of weakness. 

Addicts are much like Zebras. In the wild, Zebras are defenseless and easy prey when roaming solo.

However, when running in packs, their black and white striped patterns cause confusion which creates great difficulty for predators to capture and kill them.  This is why it is so vital that we arm ourselves with knowledge and awareness. 

We must work together in order to starve this predator to death. I’ve seen too many fall victim to this disease and worry that a whole generation will soon face extinction. We need to come together and help one another in battle when we feel like we can no longer continue. No one can fight this predator alone. It’s too powerful. Our biggest mistake would be to succumb to this disease. Our greatest chance of success lies within the love and support of each other.