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Alcohol…you lose! (Poem)

They keep saying, ‘it gets easier’. I want to know WHEN.

The fog has lifted, my reality sets in.

I thought getting sober was gonna do the trick,

The choices I made flood in. Think I’m gonna be sick.

How could I have gotten this far? Buried in this illness?

Courage is what I need now. God, I don’t want to feel this.

Remembering the reasons I began to hide,

The anger rises up, resentment inside.

How could the alcohol have let me down?

It’s what was to save me as I began to drown.

My life preserver through all the pain,

Now my soul I must regain.

I am not the angry, bitter, lost life from before,

My sobriety will open new doors.

Doors to love, to respect, to family,

I can’t believe they still want me.

I’ll hold my head high because I know it gets better.

When my life’s over, I hope they remember.

Remember the courage it took to choose,

My life over you. Alcohol you lose.