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Announcing The Real Edition Writing-Contest Winners for July, 2015

There is a Special Place in Hell for Moms Who Drink by Becky. 

Becky’s story jumped out at us for its sincerity, something many writers struggle with, regardless of their level of experience. Struggling with self-hatred, guilt, and shame is a part of recovery, and is often the thing that sends most of us out when we relapse. Having said that, there is certainly a sense of relief that comes from writing about it. There is a certain power taken out of the feeling when it’s thought out, processed, and put to a keyboard. This story is an example of brutal honesty, and healing, in baby-steps, through the power of storytelling. Great job Becky!

Files of an Escort Addict by IsaacX

Let’s be honest – sex addiction sometimes gets thrown out as illegitimate by those out-of-the-know. What moved us about Isaac’s piece was not only his description of a sex addiction, but a bon a fide, full-on escort addiction. This story takes you through the thought process of the narrator as he goes through his day. His actions, his thoughts, his anticipations. One of our favorite lines was:

Now don’t get me wrong I enjoyed having sex when I would invite an escort over. But sex was not the only think I enjoyed. I enjoyed the closeness of being beside another human being. The relief of mindless conversation and the fact that there was no pressure to impress as sex was a foregone conclusion.

Human contact. Loneliness. Emptiness. I don’t care what your addiction is, you can relate to this. This story serves as a stark reminder that beneath the surface of whatever we do to change the way we feel – be it drugs, alcohol, sex, food, gambling… or escorts – there lies the same broken, empty person. 

Deathbed to Degree by Darlin.

Of all stories chosen this month, this one had the highest readership. As of July 28, 2015, Darlin’s story has been seen by nearly 700 people! Darlin did an excellent job promoting her story on social media, and the writing – and story, for that matter – spoke for themselves. Deathbed to Degree tells the story of a bartender who gets caught up in the lifestyle, who, at times, isn’t sure she has the strength to make it out. Want to understand the progression of an alcoholic? This is the story for you. From new girl in town, to social drinker, to relationship-hopper, to the hospital bed, the one thing Darlin was never able to escape was her desire to drink. 

Becky, Isaac, and Darlin will each receive $50 for being winners for the month of July. Want to participate? You don’t need to be a professional writer. All you need is your story. Think you have an interesting experience? Drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling. Maybe yours is the story of loving an addict. Whatever it is, use The Real Edition to get it out. You never know who might be on the other end, reading your words at the exact moment they needed to see them.

Writing Contests for the month of August:

1. $100 prize for the writer who brings the most readers to his or her story. As Darlin demonstrated, using social media can be paramount to getting your story seen. This will be determined by the most page views of a story submitted in the month of August. The more you push, the more exposure you’ll get. Do you have a solid online social media presence? Then what are you waiting for!?

2. $100 prize for The Real Edition staff’s favorite piece of the month. It could be funny, or it could be depressing. Personal narrative, or science & tech. Maybe a news or opinion piece. At the end of August, the staff will vote on which story either moved them or informed them the most. 

Thank you guys for your continued support. Don’t forget to help spread the word about The Real Edition, and let us know if you need anything.