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I am a recovered crystal meth addict who’s been clean for 9 years.  I’ve started a movement and I need your support.  I am challenging every single person who has defeated addiction to stand up and say “I REFUSE TO RELAPSE”.  I originally started this on Twitter and have received many participants but I need more.  

I took a picture of myself holding a piece of paper that read I Refuse To Relapse and posted it to my Twitter.  I challenged my followers to do the same and they jumped in.  Now I’m reaching out to all of you.  

Send me your pics to @lifeaftermeth79 and use #IREFUSETORELAPSE.  In addition to blasting it all over social media, I will post them to me website.  I’ve created a page dedicated to I Refuse To Relapse participants.  

Join us and take a stand against addiction.  By showing the world we refuse to relapse we send a powerful message, that this hurting world full of addictions, needs to see.  Let’s spread the message of hope.  Let’s eliminate addiction and refuse to back down, refuse to give in, refuse to relapse. 

Thank you so much!