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New Drug Krokodil Sinks Sharp Teeth Into Drug Users

Nicknamed the “flesh eating zombie drug,” krokodil is just the latest nightmare drug to crop up in the United States. Harsh, highly addictive, and

From The Editor | Top 5 Posts of 2016

2016 is almost over, and we are celebrating another amazing year of our recovery community at Addiction Unscripted! Thank you so much for your

2006 to 2016 | Ten Years of Sober Transformation

Talk about purple haze. Has it really been a decade since 2006? That’s crazy. I find myself flipping through radio stations, pausing on the

Meet Claire, Editor in Chief at

Hi! I’m Claire, the new Editor in Chief for I lead the staff who’s been reading the hundreds of incredible, powerful, moving stories

Joining The No Matter What Club: How I Stay Sober Through The Unthinkable

How strong are you? I asked myself. How strong are you willing to let your Higher Power be? This was last night. Election Night.

The Monster Inside Me: Dealing With Negative Emotions in Recovery

March 8, I got a phone call from a friend who was not in good shape. Can you come over? she texted me. I’m

 An Evening With the Oracle of Tibet: Holy Wisdom for Everyday Life

As the man in crimson and saffron robes settled into his chair on the dais, the noisy chatter in the packed hall subsided to

Losing My Addiction: Faith, Sobriety, and FINALLY MEETING The Dude

The second time I really, truly tried to get clean, it was the soggy, cold spring of 2004. It was finals at school —