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Synthetic Opioids Won’t Be Stopped By A Wall

The theme of the addiction and recovery community as of late is that we need to get the opioid epidemic under control. This is important,

New Drug Called Pink Responsible for Overdoses Across the U.S. 

Have you heard of Pink? I’m not talking about the cool pop singer who stopped doing hard drugs in the 90’s. A new drug

HBO Documentary ‘Risky Drinking’ Showcases Alcohol Issues in White People

Last week on Monday night, a new HBO documentary debuted entitled “Risky Drinking.” I was excited to watch because HBO has put out some

How to Be An Ally to People Struggling with Substance Abuse and Recovery

It’s not unusual to get caught up thinking about your needs, wants, and struggles. It’s human nature. For those of us in recovery, we

BBC Documentary Sheds Light on Heroin Epidemic in the U.S.

It’s no secret that there is currently a heroin epidemic facing the nation. Across the U.S., 500,000 people are addicted to this drug. Heroin

Making Marijuana Legal – How Will Election Results Affect Us?

Along with receiving the news about President-Elect Trump on November 9, the people of our country also received word that marijuana’s slow shift to

How To Stay Sober in the Aftermath of the Election

There was nothing I wished for more the morning after the election than the ability to escape reality. For the first time in a

Caffeine and Alcohol Consumed Together Is Similar to Cocaine, Study Finds

If you know anything about cocaine and caffeine, the effects of both are pretty similar. I speak from experience. Too much caffeine today instantly

It’s Official – Women Drink Just As Much Alcohol As Men

This week we got news that according to science, women now drink just as much as men. Seeing that headline might not mean much