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The Addict Farm

*The thoughts and opinions expressed in this article belong to me as an addict in recovery and in no way are supposed to be

The Gift of Recovery

Recovery has brought to me one amazing gift after another. Every single day and often times more than just once, I have profound life

Moment of Clarity

 I was thinking this morning, prior to leaving to go mountain biking for the day, how long has it been since I had actually

On Being Selfish To Be Selfless

Today, although I feel scared, awkward and unsure of myself. I am going to try something new and put me first. Today my future

Who Am I?

I find myself a completely different person, just 54 days removed from addiction. It’s a transformation that only seems possible from someone coming out

The Power of Writing in Recovery

This is an uncensored collection of articles I wrote for a website called The first one was written in May of 2016 and we

We Are Fighting The Same War

In response to: Logical Thoughts From An Active Heroin User Written by Marc Mcmahon Good Morning my new friend!! No, we have never met,

My Outpatient Treatment Program Homework

So I’m doing some outpatient treatment and my assignment was to write a letter to myself and to tell myself why I wanted to