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From Substandard to Comprehensive: Changing The Way We Treat Addiction

How do we change addiction treatment from being substandard to being effective at saving lives? First, the stigma must die. Second, those suffering from

Killers in white coats

                                I remember being a young nursing student in

Surviving The Holidays: A Mother’s Point of View

The holidays. Those two words used to bring such joy to my heart and plans to my head. I would head to the store

How To help a Grieving Parent: From A Mother Who Lost A Child To Addiction.

After losing my son, Matt last January I feel like I’ve inherited the elephant. You know the one I’m talking about. The elephant in

Reflections from a Warrior Mother

Today, I am reflecting on why I’m on this train heading to DC instead of spending a lazy Saturday morning at home. Thinking about

Methadone Maintenance Treatment: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

You would think that after struggling for seven years trying to find help for my addicted son, Matt, that nothing would ever be able

A Plea To Parents: Be Real, Be Ugly, Be Just Like Drugs 

Parents, please talk to your kids. Don’t be afraid to scare them. Tell them the ugly truth about drug addiction. Don’t think you can

Why Do We Have To Battle Insurance Companies While Battling Addiction?

In Honor Of My Son on International Overdose Awareness Day. Matt is my son. He was a beautiful person who loved his family and

The Verbiage Has Changed, The Stigma Remains

Addiction is defined as a chronic brain disorder. Research is now stating that addiction is a disease. That we should no longer treat it