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Sometimes, We Only Escape Hell Temporarily

They were supposed to never see each other again.  At least that was what reassured me, after detailing her and her boyfriend’s ride-or-die lifestyle,

When the Healing Hurts

Nicole (Herschler) Arzt  is a Registered Marriage and Family Therapist Intern working in Southern California. She has been privileged to provide therapeutic services for

“I relapsed when I got fat”

I relapsed when I got fat. She said this with a matter-of-fact shrug and then gave me a smirk. She was six days sober

The Opposite of Being Loved Is Not Being Hated, It’s Being Misunderstood

I just hate myself. She practically spat those words at me during our intake, when we were sitting across from each other, going back-and-forth,

The Ups & Downs of a Life in Addiction: You Deserve to Heal

If you are suffering, in any capacity, you have permission to ask for help. You don’t need to hit any significant milestone. You don’t

The Client Who Hated Therapists

She was broken when I first met her. These were her words, not mine, and she hated therapists. Barely made eye contact, hair hanging

We Must Cherish Our Future Selves

Impulsive. It’s a dynamic force found in all walks of human life. We see it in the shopper who cannot resist a new handbag

The Normie Therapist & The Addict Client

I’m not an addict. I’ve never intravenously administered anything into my veins or chased any proverbial dragon or pawned something of value for desperate