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48 Hours: A Lesson Learned From Two Icons

The untimely deaths of George Michael and Carrie Fisher offer a stark contrast as to why we must end addiction shaming in 2017. By

Take The “I Did Not Have To” Challenge And Win Thanksgiving Dinner!

Win Thanksgiving Dinner on us, or donate the dinner to a family of your choice! has teamed up with to bring you

Tips For Parents Talking to Children About Substance Use Disorder And Driving

Substance abuse is a crucial topic that as a parent, you need to address with your children, irrespective of how you feel about your

The Insurance Denial Disaster

Written By Frank A. Jones &  Frank Greenagel For over a decade, we have both seen many insurance companies deny payment for addiction treatment

Top 5 Drug Rehabs in Newport Beach

Maybe it’s the ocean, or the weather, or maybe it’s just something in the air, but over the past 15 years, Newport Beach and

The Insanity Of The Treatment Industry

By Jason Smith “Here we are, 2016, self-driving cars and wars fought with drones, and we’re no closer to effectively treating addiction than we

The First 30 days Of Recovery

By: Olivia Pennelle Editor Remarks: Check out Olivia’s Amazing Project: Liv’s Recovery Kitchen The first 30 days Paul Silva, of Buzzkill Pod, reached out

“It Shouldn’t Be This Way”

Written By Jason Smith “It shouldn’t be this way” But it is. But I need help, she says, I want to be left alone,

Ryan Hampton Recovers Outloud Across America (Video #1)

Ryan is a Friend of and is a perfect example of our #VoicesInRecovery series. Ryan send me a msg today: “Hi, so I’m