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475 Reasons

I have started typing at least 12 blog posts this year (I know because they are saved in my ‘drafts’… where they shall remain…

Saturday 30th January: Frying Pans and Fires

The other day, I found myself sat on the floor of my workplace office. Cross-legged, arms folded, a defiant ‘and what’ smirked across my

Sunday 17th January: Feeling Rough As

 This time last year, I was busy hitting the yoga mat in a drive to finish ‘Dry January’ and keep off the booze for

Saturday 5th December: Hop, Skip, Bump.

I recently read the book The Girl on The Train, a thriller in the vein of Gone Girl, and currently being made into a

Am I an Alcoholic? That’s question 1 of 43. @speakingeasy on transferrable skills.

Water boils in a stainless steel kettle on the stove. Steam rises, hissing and whistling to the window, colliding with November glass. Droplets form,

Sunday 8th November: WLTM Self

Wednesday 11th November will mark my 70 days of abstinence from the booze… I’m not counting days, but I am, it helps to quite

Saturday 24th October: AAnd Back again 

Sitting in a South-East London church on a saturday night, clutching a copy of the Big Book, page open somewhere in chapter 11, I

Friday 16th October: Sex Sells

I’ve slept with between 20 and 40 people. As in, had sex with. Sometimes its been in public places, sometimes behind closed doors, sometimes

Wednesday 7th October: All In

The table Hexagonal in its facetism Like a spinning wheel Stop point dedicated To a purpose unknown but finite. The players Still dealing, wheeling.