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The Avengers of Addiction Treatment – Episode One

The cunning villain spreading addiction in our community, Addictis, is stealing the lives of our musicians, actors, entrepreneurs, comedians, fathers, sisters, daughters, uncles, grandmothers, clergy and civic leaders; just to name a few.

Addictis possess the minds of its victims. Anyone in the clutches of Addictis become selfish, self-centered, liars that inflict harm on their families, friends, and community. In addition to hurting others, these possessed individuals mercilessly ravage themselves. Some people under Addictis’ spell will jab sharp objects into their veins, inhale noxious gasses, swallow unidentified capsules, insatiably feed or embrace starvation.

By 2050, Addictis was in control of half the world’s population. The United Nations called on Iron Man for assistance. Iron Man asked for a private meeting with Secretary General. In the meeting, Iron Man explained that years earlier he had fallen under the spell of Addictis. Addictis controlled Iron Man’s mind, which led to his increasing obsession for cocaine, opiates, and alcohol.

Iron Man tells the Secretary General, “soon, I was out of my mind on cocaine and drink; I crashed my armored assault vehicle into Stark Towers. When Captain America arrived on the scene, (episode Iron Man No. 172), he had to pull me out of the vehicle.”

Captain America said to me, “You must know what you’re doing to yourself. You must realize that you’re destroying yourself.” I ignored Captain America, walked directly past him, marched past the wrecked armored assault vehicle through the hole in Stark Towers and grabbed a bottle of Jack Daniels out of the liquor cabinet. Captain America followed me into the tower and smacked the bottle of Jack out of my hand. What happens next is a “Civil War” between the two superheroes, which threatened their friendship, love, respect, and lives.

Iron Man and Captain America determined that Addictis was too powerful for any single superhero to destroy. Addictis twists the minds of people causing them to harm their friends and family. The destruction caused by Addictis is insidious. To obliterate Addictis, Iron Man and Captain America assembled a team of superheroes, they named the Addiction Avengers (“AA”).

The AA team included Mind MD, Trauma Doc, Rock Recovery and Wendi Wellness. The Secretary General asks Iron Man if it’s possible to save the people under the spell of Addictis. Iron Man explains that the AA team members each have unique superpowers, which will be used to extract Addictis’ from the minds of his victims.

Mind MD is a master of the prescription medication. She is trained to use the most cutting-edge pharmacological research to help restore balance to the infected mind.

Trauma Doc is the superhero that saves the person from their intrusive thoughts and feelings. Individuals under Addictis’ spell will use any addictive substance or behavior to quell their disruptive emotions. Trauma Doc uses techniques such as EMDR, CBT, DBT, and others to improve the brain’s limbic system.

Rock Recovery builds a supportive community around each person. Victims of Addictis have been known to destroy the meaningful relationships with their families, friends, lovers, and business associates. The superpowers of Rock Recovery bring folks with love, understanding and support to help heal the damage done to their families, friends, lovers, and business associates.

Wendi Wellness activates the physical and spiritual well-being necessary to repair the injuries to the person’s health. Many of Addictis Victims will destroy themselves by not eating, sleeping, isolating, and acquiring diseases. Wendi Wellness encourages exercise, proper nutrition, yoga, meditation and other self-care practices, which aid in recovery.

Even with the superheroes on the AA team, there is no guaranty that we can save everyone. Once Addicitis takes over a person’s mind some people will die, others will be institutionalized, and some will join the AA team, and some will return to their normal lives.

Iron Man tells the Secretary General that he will personally lead the AA team and will find a way to destroy Addictis, no matter how long it takes. The Secretary-General says, “Good luck, the United Nations is with you, Iron Man!”