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BackRoads (Poem)

I’m looking for sure signs hoping,

Surely showing me what I need to see;

I’m silently screaming for someone to help,

But ironically no one hears me.

And those that do try to help,

Accept you, expecting nothing for themselves,

Not sure what really helps more;

Contemplating what better a friend,

Would stand for in the end,

With frustration and irritation,

Knocking loyalty to the floor.

Living life backwards,

My faith in my trust,

Not my trust in my faith as should be;

Trust in myself should be number one,

But I can’t stand this side of me.

Wondering how long one can self destruct,

Before it externally explodes literally,

Or internally implodes by implied definition,

One that walks back down the same road,

Not back roads but rode back on a backwards road,

That stated “no return” even from the start;

Not to be taken for or granted to even one with an iron heart,

Actions of which could fearfully rip everything right apart,

Actions of which could break a broken man,

And shatter an unbreakable heart.

And rightly so,

‘Cuz they want you to know,

Your choices bear unbearable things,

The most undesirable consequences you see;

So do not pass go,

You must let the past go,

Your choices are far from free.

Everyone has stuff going on,

Stuff that they’re going through;

To think you’re an exception to that rule,

Would be exceptionally wrong of you.

You’ve been here one too many times,

Still unscathed, unscarred;

Are you really gonna keep pushing your luck,

Tempting fate to calculate just how far.

‘Cuz the end of the road will come up fast,

Like quicksand under your feet;

At this point in life,

The only good quick,

Is the kind that’s made by Nestle.

You won’t even know it,

The road that you’ve known split,

And you’ll have suddenly reached its end;

Tell me out of luck and certainty,

Which makes the better friend,

‘Cuz I promise bones will heal,

And cuts will close,

But broken homes are the hardest to mend,

With every ounce of your soul,

It should be thanks that you dole,

Kneel, point upward, and hit send.

Make a choice and make it fast,

Before it’s made for you;

When given the choice,

Do you honestly doubt,

Which choice that you would choose?

So then what exactly are waiting for,

The hourglass isn’t empty yet;

But wait too long and push too hard,

And it’s your fate that you will set.

The pendulums swung for far too long,

It’s time for it to stop;

The descent downhill,

Has made you feel down yet still,

Is nothing compared to the drop.

Hope for faith and faithfully hope,

This is the last time you’ll have to choose;

Because the road you’re headed on is a dangerous one,

With a sure guarantee to lose.

Right is all that’s left,

Temporary insanity for a life to remain;

It’s not all for nothing,

It’s all been for something,

No endeavor worthy to remember was in vain.

If you’re done with your fun,

And played enough of the game,

Isn’t it time to stop playing with fire;

Reignite your passion,

Realign your goals,

Ambitiously for what you desire.

If you don’t then please listen and hear;

The suffering will be equivalent,

No need to feel ambivalent,

It’s promised to be your worst fear.

And it won’t be just you,

Who suffers the most through,

But the ones you’d kill and die for;

Three innocent angels,

Lives will be mangled,

Do I need to explain anymore?

You say you’d do anything for them,

To your heart they’re the most near;

Which if that is the case,

Stop the childish disgrace,

They never asked to be brought here.

They weren’t given a choice,

Lacked an opposing voice,

They had no say from the very start;

Destiny’s in your hands,

So redesign your plans,

It’d be the least of doing your part.

You act as that protection for them,

With your love and affection for them,

Sworn on the day they were born;

Turn your back on that oath,

To those you love the most,

And forever four lives will be torn.  

Copyright © 2015 Vanessa Zeidell. All Rights Reserved.