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[ Personal Narratives ]

Before and After the Life of a Creative

I had always felt different to others,and being adopted made it so I didn’t really know who I was,but I did win competitions as a young dance student and even got a job straight from college as a dancer. I was applauded for my beautiful body winning smile,and could choreograph my socks off frequently making work for others,and enjoying myself completely!Sure I made some mistakes some personal mistakes along the way,and life at times did get a lil odd,like when I married the alcoholic policeman who never came home,but when I re married my sons father things stabilised a small amount,and I was able to have a more stable home life well for what turned out to be a short time really!becoming increasingly interested in does fate exist and if so can you change it!I met in a most peculiar manner in a chat room!a guy on line who was indeed interested in the same stuff as me.

I was asking in the chat room ok who has a welsh first name,a biblical second name,and a French last name,( as had been asked of me earlier that day by a medium) when a guy over the other side of the world said it was him,I was amazed,and so the second part of the madness in my life began,although life had been fairly crazy a lot before this it did indeed become much more of a non stop roller coaster.

Things like windows that would rattle for no reason and huge blue orbs filling the room,made me aware just how life was strange,but hey this is me,I have done the rising up out the body thing!I know gypsies can speak with great accuracy,but this second phase of my creativity became so unpleasant at times,living and being married to the guy by now with the three names”What happened to us time and again,and even me,as I turned into something to pick on,by organisations mainly,who could not underrated that by now I was becoming very unwell with my rare genetic disorder I had inherited,eventually the dancing would stop,but not until I had been chastised and sworn at and bullied ( quite the opposite) for behaving like a fraud” when in actual fact I was, merely trying to keep walking!

We moved over the years 12 times and this last time we got robbed and assaulted on our moving day by a crazed landlord,completely out of the blue,and I got reported to the benefits line for being fraudulent because I decided to be pushed in my wheelchair past the pub,and sold two copies of my art book,as I paint prolifically well up to this point.

The book was made really by a friend and sold two copies,so hasn’t covered my costs to make,,but as I reflect now on things that have happened,and I spend almost every waking hour in bed,having things done for me by the sick husband I have( you recall the guy with the three names?) he also has become unwell,and as decent people we have seen the ugly side of others,our life consists of drinking tea and coffee,and thinking  thoughts about 

So does fate exists and if it does ,did we change it ??