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Born Perfect – Then Came the Vaccinations, Mercury, & Benzos.TheY ARE ‘CATALYSTS’ for World Wide Disabilities.


Drs. have the ULTIMATE POWER to Damage : Disable / Destroy & Kill. 

((((( “All Psychiatric Meds, Make us a much lesser person, than we already are” )))))

They Kill more People than Guns Do !  Systematically & Invisibly, Desolving their patients & their own Ignorance, to continue this heinous Crime. (adjective: shocking, evil, monstrous, grave, awful, vicious, outrageous, revolting, hideous, unspeakable, atrocious, hateful, abhorrent, abominable, villainous)  –  They are capable of the most heinous acts.

REMEMBER” :  “We live our lives through the Nervous System”.   When we are Poisoned with Highly Toxic Chemicals, it DESTROYS ‘Neurons/Receptors/Brain Tissue’ & often the Body & Brain is UNABLE to repair all of the damage. We are often left with issues & setbacks, that make life miserable, difficult to deal with & causes immense grief, as others cannot see, nor understand.  In my Case Permanent Synaptic & Autonomic Nervous System Injury, Damage to Frontal Lobes & a whole list of Painful & Distressing others.

When I was eight years old, I started to experience strange phobias & fears, one about my tongue, I was aware that I might swallow it & also became scared of big buildings. Also the Tongue fear was taking over my entire mind. I was scared to lie down on my back, especially in a big building, whilst doing Physical Exercises and the cold weather seemed to highten my fears. Being outside, or Playing football at school,  seemed to make my fears much worse. I used to ‘break up mints’ to put in my pockets,  just to try to keep this horrendous fear of ‘Swallowing my tongue’ away.  (Anything to try to deter & STOP these bad thoughts – That were REAL TERROR). My breathing deteriated, hands, arms & whole body, seemed to leave me. ‘Mind was in PANIC STATE’.  Also was very afraid , that I might somehow be lifted upsides down, with my feet glued to the ceilings of Big buildings, i.e churches, cathedrals etc.

My father took me to various psychiatrists, all over the country. They had no idea how to treat me. Then I started to get twitches & ticks & more. Would shake my head a lot, from side to side.

I now know, for certain, that this was primarily attributed to, by many vaccinations, whilst at school. The one that started my Tongue & other Phobias, actually began at age 8. Until then I was totally happy, outgoing, alert, active & nothing bothered me.

Mostly due, to the Mercury, in all Vaccinations. Primarily, it’s put in the phials, to kill off any bacteria’s. But the Mercury can often be injected, at far greater the expected dose. This causes Toxicity in Body & Brain. Reaches The Blood-Brain-Barrier & Destroys Neurons. (These Neurons are NOT ABLE to repair themselves: Hence, The Start of Brain Malfunctioning / Wiring up of other connecting nerve cells, attributed to Weird Thoughts & Feelings, especially in my case “All insides me & the World.”   I Became Withdrawn, Nervous, aggravated, Confused, Panicky, Unsettled & Phobias & Fears were ‘out of this world.’ However, seemed life threatening to me.

I was prescribed various Drugs, one being Librium, 1966. My school days were terrible, as my phobias progressed to traumas. I was bullied & began to be so isolated & panicky. Devised ways, in which I could try to cope. Even stopped wearing Leather shoes & belt, as I considered ‘albeit at the time irrational’  ‘but desperate’ to try various tactics.  Then I could try to put my thoughts, in to trying to change & modify my behaviours. “It was very Mentally excrutiating”.

Whilst on coaches, or any travel, I would suddenly become aware of myself & go in to a stress panic state – Now my arms, legs & body seemed to have left me’. “It was frightening”. Rather like my SOUL had left me (Detached from body).  It was so over powering, I had to demand to ‘get off’ the bus. or coach & be outside, until the horrendous symptoms completely stopped. It was made even worse in the Winter, especially playing football at school.  All my life I have been Tormented & Trapped ‘In a most horrendous Mental & Physical void’.  As of 2015, those symptoms have disappeared.  But I remain ‘LOCKED IN’ & ‘LOBOTOMISED’ by the Traumas & Chemical Damage of Injections / Mercury & Prescribed Meds.

Then I had very large amounts of Mercury Teeth Fillings (Amalgams) at a very young age. Followed by more vaccinations. “I was being poisoned & I very strongly felt it”.  But had no idea what was causing the immense Mental / Physical & Emotional thoughts & feelings.

Have Fillings?  This is How Long You’re Exposed to Mercury!

When aged 16, left School June 1974 . Started work almost immediately, I became stronger & more able to cope. Phobias & Fears disappeared. To my Dulled recollection now, I was not on any meds.  Head shaking & other issues had all Stopped & was forgotten.

From age 18 started to experience PTSD & Depression, which was from RTA 1974.

Suffered Frontal Lobe damage, damage to orbits & olfactory nerves crushed. I knew nothing about why I felt like this, no one explained that there could, or might be some issue after a Brain injury & other damage. This got out of control, as I was not able to get up & go to work. Spent many days, just sat ‘staring in to space.’

I tried starting  new careers & occasionally felt so very happy, but the smell sensations & PTSD experienced by RTA, took another route in to my downfall.  Depressive states & slamming doors. Changes in Personality & mood swings.

Psychiatrists, two of them, said that this New drug ATIVAN would help me.  As I experienced different sensations, like I was being controlled from out space.  Today this has long gone.

My first Ativan (Lorezepam) at 18 in 1976. My father took me over the road from our house, across the fields. He told me:  I was like a man possessed. Fitting,shaking,shouting,screaming etc.

Many years of Massive cocktails of prescribed drugs, including Diazepam, Ativan, Tranxene,  The Halcion (Triazolam) & Tranxene (Potassium Clorazepate) : Have long been discontinued.     “I wonder why”  Data sheets that I have & more, show serious issues. But all Psychiatric Drugs are the same.

Then Clopixol & Depixol & so many others. It became so unbearable, I wanted to end my life. Was in & out of various hospitals & so many jobs. My mind & Body was ‘NOT MINE’ !

Years of experiencing horrible foul smell sensations & No Taste or Normal smell of anything.

My phobias RETURNED & insanity into hell got so bad, (which at 16 had gone, but now back with avengance) that I withdrew from any & every activity, as my mind felt like it was being controlled from outer space again & again. Plus a myriad of other Mind & Body Dysmorphic Disorders / Sensation.

Drs.  gave me cocktails after cocktails of more Mind Bending Medicos, including Lithium, Anafranil, Mogodon, Haliporidol (Serenace). The Haloperidol made my tongue ‘Force Out’ of my mouth, with powerful FORCES. Then my mouth was being FORCED Open & I could not close it. “It was very frightening & distressing”. I was having to lye on the floor, with a cushion & try using ice cubes to help me. I phoned the surgery : No one helped me. They could have given a reason, or antidote, or something. But No. Nothing. All the way through the years of these terrible Drugs & Drs, They Totally Did not know what they were doing, nor were aware that these drugs were responsible.

I was in and out of so many different jobs & tried so hard to socialise & get myself a girl friend : Nothing lasted. I was taking so many varying prescribed meds, my mind & body was totally in distress. I was saying & doing the most weirdest of things. Now I cannot totally recall everything.  Just some of the parts, that should have been joyous & exciting, were filled with horror, panic, being unsettled, totally uneasy in every way & situations, trying desperately hard to ‘Hold On’. Devising New ways to cope & deal with Mental & Physical Distress.

By December 1990 : “I could no longer go to work – Was Exhausted & Burnt Out”

All in All – Over 25 jobs, since leaving School in 1974. I was hardly off sick from School, even though I struggled badly. There was no way that I could bunk off, because there was nowhere to hide or go. My mother was at home 24/7 so no chance of taking my leave. So i stuck it out till the bitter end !

More times off work, due to Hospitalisation ‘pumping me with more drugs’ & terrible symptoms & withdrawals.

I Stopped Cold Turkey, on 4 occasions, and become highly and dreadfully weaker, sicker, ‘engrossed in FEAR’. Was on the phone, trying to get help & was out of my entire mind !

Had to stay in bed. Curtains drawn. The Withdrawals were ‘Out of This World’  How anyone could feel this Massive Nausea & Massive Nerve Damage, that floored, Crippled & totalled me.

Brought me to my knees & put me in to Hell. “The Hell of All Diseases”.

My phobias had become millions of times worse. In fact my Tongue, was so massively painful & felt like wood, then metal, then rubber etc.  I could not rest. Stress after stress, in trying to find out why this was happening. There were no Answers then. Drs would not tell you anything & no computers, no internet to discover. I tried, pushed to find jobs & would take great pains in getting to interviews & even after 2-3 interviews, for  1 position. Was accepted & started on the following Monday.  After meeting all of the staff, I would try to ‘get out’ as quickly as was humanly possible – back to my parents home, and to bed. I just did not know ‘what the hell was wrong with me’ – so mixed up, confused, disorientated & NOT IN MY OWN MIND, at all.

It was Driving me to Distraction & it WAS MY WHOLE BEING !  Consumed by the Tongue.           But  further sensations, now & there was nowwhere to turn to, to run, or hide.

I had achieved about 4-5 Months off all drugs, in 1991, then Hospitalised in May 1991 & Medicated with more ‘Mind Numbing & Mind Bending Chemicals’.

No one understood. Nothing was mentioned about Benzodiazepines/Toxicity/Tolerance/Addiction or anything.

Until I came across a Retired Scientist Dr Reg Peart, 1993. This was purely by chance, of a letter I had received, in response to Benzodiazepine help lines. He explained everything to me & made me realise, just how dangerous & damaging these Benzo’s are.                                           He said: “It is nothing, but what the drugs have done to you”.

Reg Peart had been through similar issues & was brilliant at explaining everything.

I knew Nothing about other underlying issues (at this time) : Vaccinations & Mercury (Amalgam Fillings) that had attributed earlier, to my problems. I was to learn of these in 1995.

He put me in touch with several other Ex-Benzo users, one in particular was Mary Baker.

Mary, was especially helpful & still is, at explaining more to me, ‘In my Really Bad Days’.

She explains: “Our Bodies & Minds are Compromised : We cannot endure stress”

Firstly, in December 1990, when I first came off everything, I thought it would take no more than 12 months To Break Free. But I became uncontrollably & horrendously much worse, as the months went on. Nervous System felt broken & destroyed.

In & Out of Hospitals Became sicker, totally incapacitated in every way.: Then I stopped for the 4th  & Final time January 1996.

Had my Mercury Amalgams removed June 1996. It’s everywhere. After 4 Hours of powerful Anaesthetic, I could not wake properly, nor stand up for over one hour. Even then & for over 4 weeks after, it was terrible. Was in bed for over 4 weeks, as I was ultimately massively weak & sick & in Hell again.

Many years in Bed or on the floor. Could not walk very far.

Extreme Nauseas & felt like my body was being pushed down. It was if my body was a ten tonne weight. Every movement was so difficult. Even my thoughts seem to be ‘Glued’ trying to do any simple, small task seemed impossible.

Was TOTALLY & MASSIVELY Contorted in every way, could not walk, nor cope with anyone, nor anything. Nervous System was RAW & it felt like I had been involved in A Nuclear Explosion.

That lasted for over 7 Years, and still get this ‘Circlic’ Sensation recurring.” It is still a Living Hell in 2015. This Nausea has never gone away”.  Especially after any lengthy exposure to stress & or Physical exercise.

It is just absolutely horrendous still & over 19 years off everything. Everything stopped January 1996.

Now 2015. All of The Fears & Phobias have long gone, but I still feel very weak & many days inactive. Massive Nausea, Nasty Pungent Tastes & Smells, Total Burn out / Collapses.

The worst nervous tick, now, is moving my head  to the right. It looks stupid, it feels stupid, but due to the massive amount of Life’s Stressors & Recent Traumas: I find it hard to control it. Despite the fact, it’s extremely painful & makes  back ache.

Energy Levels are often non existent. When I do get a decent day – I tend to think I am over the worse & do too much.    Then I pay a big price, as ‘Burn Out happens’

I have Pathological Brain Damage, attributed through all of this:   It is also an Autonomic Nervous System Injury. Neuro-Chemical / Synaptic / GABA Damage. Atrophy. PTSD.


I am proof, of the massive over prescribing / Damage & Serious outcomes & abuse of Government / Drugs Companies / Medical Establishments. For their Lies / Deceit, of withholding ‘Vital Conflicting Evidence’, that these drugs have destroyed me. “Without any doubt, whatsoever”. Together with Vaccinations & Mercury Teeth Fillings. The ignorance & non belief of Drs & the General public, is still  rife.

I remain “In a Chemical like (COSH) Straight Jacket Existence”

This is also largely, ALSO attributed, to by years of Neuroleptic Injections, in attempting to come off the Benzo’s, which in themselves, are known to cause a ‘Chemical Cosh’. The chemicals perform a very crude ‘Frontal Lobotomy’.  Vital & Essential Neurons & Receptors are damaged & Generally Destroy the Persona of the person that takes them.

Drs are indeed the Gate Keepers To Hell & I will continue my fight for survival & to be compensated for an unnecessary sufferance of Pain / Distress & Torture.

“My life remains Disabling & A recurring Nightmare of Past Events & Trauma, attributed by the Benzo’s & at the hands of incorrect Medical Treatment”.

“This is Permanent Damage, Attributed by Medical Abuse & Ignorance”.

Which was left unattended & misdiagnosed with Massive Ingestions of Prescribed only substances, that have murdered my life & soul.

There was never any warning through all of my ingestions of Tranquillisers etc.

No indications whatsoever, until I became so uncontrollably ill, that I managed to successfully seek outside ‘Professional assistance’ from Qualified others, Not available from the NHS, nor any GP or Medical Practitioner, who did not & would not provide the ‘Truth or the appropriate assistance to for recovery’.

All I ever received from the NHS / Drs / Staff : Was to Trust them.

“Thank God I DID NOT CONTINUE TO DO SO” Again & Again etc:-

As In 1979, I had Successfully come off Ativan (lorezepem). Did not know anything about this drug, but it took me over 12 months, before I started to feel better. It was impossible to work for those 12 months, but I kept hoping & kept positive, until such time I was ‘Sort Of Ready’. ‘But not properly’.

The Big problem was, later on, I had started yet another new job & was under a great amount of stress: After 12 months of working, I suddenly had horrendous sensations of my tongue again. (Rebound Withdrawals). Made Drs appointment within one hour & was prescribed Halcion (triazolam). Another Benzo. I had No idea at all.

So again the Addiction / Withdrawals / Mess (Cover Up) Re-Started. “All of my hard work ruined”. That’s what a great deal of people do not realise : We are In FACT ALL COMPROMISED (In some way, or another). The Damage is always there, in corners of our Brains & Bodies, waiting to wreak havoc. The main word is ‘COMPROMISED’, due to anatomical changes in the BRAIN & RECEPTORS & everything Central Nervous System / Management & Structures & Foundations.

Many say That they have recovered Fully. But due to Many factors, (after many months or years) encounter significant issues, ‘without even considering, or actually knowing’ (That The Drugs / Damage is (WAS) Wholly To Blame). Rebound Withdrawals, actual symptoms. Pressure / Stress / Environmental issues & more ‘all attribute’.

So they feel poorly after Say: 1 YEAR : they visit Dr. Prescribes something else (To mask the withdrawals / sensations / issues, due to past Benzo’s or other drugs they have long stopped).

Without, ever thinking, knowing, or learning that (This is Totally Incorrect). That they have achieved very well by the Stopping of the Previous Meds. But HEY ! “You have started AGAIN even more Addictive & mind bending medicos. How long for now”   Year after year NEW & BAD problems, caused by the drugs appear & will eventually get out of control. Will they ever see sense & realise THE TRUTH”. ? Hooked Again & some never get off again. It is a vicious circle.

Withdrawals From The 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th Drug & on. Continuance & fluctuations of ‘CIRCLIC’ sensations. Never ending spiral of distress / poisons / toxicity / health decline. The list is endless, ‘just like the horrendous symptoms’.

BENZODIAZEPINES : Are GABA Drugs & Central Nervous System Stimulants. Also very powerful Anaesthetic qualities, that attribute to tiredness & accidents. No sleep is natural, (Drug Induced Sleep). So after sleeping, we often feel more tired,uneasy,confused,irritable,nervous,sick etc.

These drugs, ‘Destroy Fundamental Functions’. So much, so, that it is Totally, often impossible to attempt or, do any task. They DISABLE & PREVENT the entire Network of Autonomic Nervous System, from being able to do its essential tasks. Many times, even today over 19 years away from any & all drugs, I am SO DISABLED (Cut-Off) from performing any tasks whatsoever. Often Collapse/Stumble & have enormous difficulty & pain in walking & trying to ENGAGE my mind & body, to do even the most simplest of tasks. Feel drunk & stagger to try to get up & about.

Of course, others cannot understand just how Horrendous & Highly agonising it is for us, in our bad states: The mind is Corrupt with wrong thoughts & feelings. The Body ‘Just cannot cope with the stress’ of trying to ‘Push it along’. That in itself attributes to intense Body Pains.

Our CORE NETWORKS are Hampered / Damaged & Distressed in trying to assist us. Thus causing INTERNAL CONFLICTS.

Invisible & Extremely difficult Disease to live & cope with, in every imaginable way, shape & form. Due to Highly Toxic Substances & Long Term Ingestions. It is very similar (THINK ABOUT IT !) to the wiring in our homes: ACID type degeneration from drugs : Burning / Destroying essential Electrical Systems. Until they all eventually BURN OUT & FAIL.

It’s possible to repair & Quite quickly, Electrical wiring in our homes / cars etc. But not so easy for the Complicated & Immense Electrical Network in our Bodies & Brains.

Many of our FINE Electrical Components: Neurons/Receptors etc & more, can no longer transport (TRANSMIT) the ‘CORRECT & ESSENTIAL’ (SIGNALS) information. Which means, that Every Single thought process, taste,smell,sound,feeling,co-ordination,stomach (Digestion) sleep,waking,movement, motivation, mood & are UNABLE to function or operate properly.

That causes : Headaches / Migraines / other Body Pains “All over” Bladder / Bowel disturbances. Nausea, is for myself the Ultimate Hell, all day & every day still.

“It is a Crime of Human Nature, that has brought myself to this”. ALL OF US (Worldwide).

Have 4 Letters written from GP to Psychiatrist in 1991. Which I managed to obtain.              Reads: Don’t know what to do with this young man, he gets Panic Attacks, takes the occasional Triazolam  (I took MASSIVE amounts of other stuff, (over 10 Halcion, or more Per day), as well all PRESCRIBED others besides this, as well. He is displaying Histrionic Behaviours & I feel he is a very Tortured man, who visits all sorts of other therapists and does not abide with our help. (Just gave me more drugs, that was no help).  I feel that if he does not abide now with your assistance, that sadly he will have burnt his boats.  Also I fear that in his states, he will commit suicide, either by accident or by design.  After a partnership discussion, it was felt that a Frontal Lobectomy might be in order ?  He is phoning all of the partners every night, in absolute distress. Ends.  The other 3 letters were Shocking too, they sure cover their backs in ignorance & ‘DESTROY & MURDER IN SILENCE’. Plainly it is all their doing.  I & We are not Doctors. Knew nothing about what they were doing to us.

This is what ALL these POWERFUL Prescribed drugs have done to me.  “Made me a MUCH Lesser person, than I was.  Could they not see this ?  No one saw this. WHY ?  Obviously when there were data sheets, warning of Benzodiazepines many years before.

I had & was Being Chemically / Toxically Poisoned & Destroyed : Was being castrated in mind and body.

Crude ‘Mind Bending’, ‘Mind Altering’ & ‘Mind Destroying’ medicos.

“Chemical Rape, of Mind & Body”

“I have had no good quality of live whatsoever, other than to suffer agonisingly painful drug interactions / damage / side effects / traumas”.

Sensitivities to Food & Absolutely no alcohol, as like Benzo’s Are GABA type Drug Stimulants.

How I have achieved so very much in my life & successful with computer repairs & I.T etc.

Taught myself so much & actually have now succeeded over 8 years with my present Lithuanian Girlfriend.

Stephen Bailey (57)

Evesham, Worcestershire UK

11th July 2015

GOOGLE: Stephen Bailey, Evesham UK (For further information) Stories.

“It is nothing, but what the drugs have done to you”. UNDERSTAND ME 100% !!!


Prescribed tranquillisers are far more toxic, more addictive and kill more people in the UK than all the illegal class A drugs put together. Millions of UK citizens have been left permanently brain-damaged or physically disabled as a result of involuntary addiction.

All Psychiatric Drugs ‘KNOCK OFF’ Receptor Sites : & (STOP WORKING)  After repeated ingestions: – There is a ‘POOP OUT’ causing Withdrawals. So you need to ‘up the dose’. The Psychiatric Name for this is ‘TOLERANCE’. Constant withdrawal syndromes develop, which attribute to a whole list of uncomfortable / painful & distressing issues.

The Psychotropic’s actually LOBOTOMISE the Frontal Lobes, thus changing the normal workings & completely alter Behavioural & physical movements & actions. In my case: “I found it massively difficult to think in any correct manner, it was highly agonising to motivate myself in any shape, way or form”.

It was like being in a fish bowl : Also, like I was actually sitting in a chair insides my head, trying to drive my body. It was Horrendously distressing & difficult to continue anything at all. Driving was a nasty / freaky experience. The Neuroleptics injections, caused this for two years.

Psychosis was ultimate hell. Today, sometimes, I find myself going to pieces & have to work hard to compose myself, as others get frightened by my reactions. Mostly Post Traumatic Stress is a MAJOR issue.

No Psychiatric Meds should be used for more than 2-4 Weeks. After long term usage, they are highly dangerous, difficult to come off & alter the Brain. Receptors are ‘Knocked off’. Other Meds given to try to resolve this, are not able to work. They just act as a ‘Dam’ (Preventing repairs & halting the full force of withdrawals. More Meds, attribute to More Toxicity UNTIL THE DAM BURSTS ! Then all Hell breaks out, like in my case.

Agitation / Manic States / Apathy / Akathisia / Nausea was 100% for years 25 + with hardly any let up. Today it’s often bad, but there are significant developments in how I think / feel & react.

Where Torment / Despair / Black thoughts & feelings of immense dread have much lessened, I am often haunted by all of the past events. Twisted Dimensions of ‘the other side’ were tantamount to the worst imaginable terror that anyone could ever begin to imagine.

REMEMBER:  These drugs ‘POISON BRAIN / CNS / LIVER KIDNEYS’. They are ‘Fat Soluble’, which means, are often deposited in any, or every part of the body & brain. They come out in ‘Rays’. Thus continuing to cause withdrawals.

I had side effect of ‘Rubber type Smelly Feet’ whilst on Tranxene for 8 years.

GABA Neurotransmitters, Anxiety, and the Dangers of Benzodiazepines:-

SSRI Drugs are Dangerous! :-

I took massive amounts of most of the Prescribed medicos, not just Benzo’s, but everything that was on the market. Oral & injected Neuroleptics / Lithium etc. (All because no one ever questioned the fact: that it could have been drug induced / damage / addiction”.

Year after year, I got increasingly & alarmingly more DISABLED / CUT OFF & In Massive Torment, Pain & Distress in every way. After repeated Psychiatric Hospitilisations & discussions with my family, ‘they Actually blamed my family’, for attributing to this. (It was NOT the drugs, they repeatedly told Me, Drs & Family). When my family had Absolutely NOTHING to do with this.  My family were wonderful & patient & loving in every way.

As of Today, 12th August 2015 (over 19 years Totally Free from all Meds). Cannot cope, nor deal with Stress. As The Brain & CNS are much compromised. This creates ‘Total Burn Out & Collapse’. Very Painful & distressing. Unable to get up, nor do anything for days & often weeks.

While the media gives endless publicity to the relatively few victims of drugs such as ecstasy and crack, they hardly ever report on the real horrors of benzodiazepine damage. The public, therefore, knows almost nothing about their true dangers. This leaves doctors free to prescribe these harmful drugs with total impunity.

In 1980, the Committee on Safety of Medicines recommended that benzodiazepines should not be taken for longer than four months. This was followed by guidelines, issued in 1988, restricting prescribing to a maximum of two to four weeks. Patient-led groups in the early 1980s also urged long-term addicts to come off these drugs.


Benzodiazepine withdrawal is so protracted, in many cases, because it causes conformation changes in the receptors in the brain.

Physically, the receptors change their shape and thus respond differently to chemicals in the brain.

The receptor is the ‘lock’. The chemical is the ‘key’.

In benzo withdrawal, the lock has changed its shape and so the ‘key does not fit’.

Psychiatric drug withdrawal syndrome, is among other things, an ‘autonomic nervous system injury’.


Otherwise: “Why on Earth, would you trust any of them to DESTROY YOUR LIFE” !!!

“It’s Nothing But What These Drugs Have Done To US All ” !!!

Stephen Bailey

’An Altered & Damaged Brain, – Chemical Rape of Mind & Body’ . SB.

Article on Addiction / Brain Damage : –

“Benzodiazepines in Particular”

Addiction (Drug Dependence:) (Long Term & Permanent Damage).

Benzodiazepines in Particular

Addictive Drugs – especially sedative-hypnotics

All drugs with the potential to cause addictions share certain common neurobiological characteristics: they activate the mesolimbic system, principally the nucleus accumbens, causing increased dopaminergic activity in that area of the brain. This results in an increase in hedonic tone.

But addictive drugs come from various categories, affecting many other parts of the brain as well. Some cause excitation others cause inhibition, or diminution of neuronal activity in various areas of the nervous system.

Almost all mind and mood-altering drugs, with prolonged consumption, cause changes in structure and function, evidenced by development of tolerance or withdrawal upon cessation of the drug. In an attempt to maintain homeostasis, the regulatory systems of the central and peripheral nervous system cause neuroadaptation, either up regulation – with creation of new neuroreceptor sites, or down regulation, with changes in neurotransmitter-neuroreceptor synthesis and sensitivity.

The sedative-hypnotic categories of drugs (alcohol, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, and ether): are most notorious for the degree of neuroadaptation and hence the severity of withdrawal symptoms during reversal of the neuroadaptation process. The parts of the brain affected by these drugs include the cortex, the limbic system and the locus ceruleus in the brain stem. So after long-term suppression of these areas, by a depressant drug, the resultant neuroadaptation results in alarming over activity on cessation, or even decreasing dose of the drug. So withdrawal results in extreme excitability of all brain structures with irritability, insomnia, anorexia, confusion, memory loss, delirium and even seizures, cardiovascular excitation, gastrointestinal over activity and hyperpyrexia.

Sedative-hypnotic withdrawal is far more dangerous

than opioid (heroin) withdrawal.

Unfortunately in a small proportion of people prescribed these drugs, with prolonged benzodiazepine use, the neuroadaptation is sometimes very slow to reverse, and may even leave permanent synaptic (neuroanatomical) changes. This can result in a prolonged protracted withdrawal syndrome characterized by: irritability, paresthesias, cognitive impairment, insomnia, and dysphoria, increased sensitivity to sound and light and even psychosis. “Tranquillisers produce ‘Manufactured Illnesses” (Invisible to Medical Profession, ‘who in fact have attributed it’) , & Friends & Families, but systematically & fundamentally difficult to endure). Painful & Protracted Long-Term ‘Permanent Synaptic damage’.

“All Prescribed Psychiatric Drugs – DO NOT CURE ANYTHING AT ALL :-

They TOTALLY DESTROY the LIVES of ALL of the People That Take Them”

Keep LOOKING : Learning: Hoping: READ + UNDERSTAND. Be POSITIVE. Make your Willpower STRONGER To Survive this – Whatever Happens – Please NEVER EVER GIVE UP ! It is possible to recover, with the CORRECT Attitude & STAY WELL (If you know how to do it). My suffering should help you to succeed. Do not fall in the many Traps that I have.

Updated : Thursday 14th August 2015

S J Bailey

NB: In Many Foreign countries, where there are no Drugs. If someone gets a PSYCHOTIC Episode, atributed to by Stress/Trauma/Damage/Disease etc. They are treated with a Calm Environment. Well nourished & they recover well. Never again to suffer any further issues.

Sadly in UK & US & many other Powerful ‘Drug Minded Industries’, where Medicine & Abuse & Ignorance is rife.  One is very quickly prescribed something powerful, that damages the Brains & CNS,  So too is the prevelance of Manufactured Madness, & Insanity of the ingesters Minds. Altered / Modified / Castrated. Void of all reasoning. In turn Confusion/Anger/Agitation/Twisted thinking/Warped & Totally out of control.

Stephen Bailey Thank You. My Hope is to Educate & Empower others, with Willpower, Confidence & Belief ! Whilst my case is most difficult, horrendous & complicated, others must not ‘take my problems on board’, but to find Positive ways to move forwards & live more fulfilling & healthier lives. For myself & others, it can be an arduous & lengthy task, In reaching out & finding new ways. ‘No matter how small & insignificant, it may seem, at the time’ . From tiny seeds, if nourished properly, grow in to large & bountiful fruit. We just have to ‘HOLD HANDS TOGETHER’ & never lose sight of the time, or times that Better existence will come. God Bless Steve UK

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12 August 2015 17:26

Unfortunately, our memories & true feelings & thoughts are ‘Dulled’ on these meds. These chemicals violate & control every function. So even the very first Benzo starts to alter the Frontal Lobes & binds to receptors, very quickly. (In my case it took 10-15 Mins Max for the stuff to work). Shows you how Powerful it is. Then there is the Toxicity & duration of ingestions. Basically the Addiction, is so (very soon borne): quick & high. Everyone quickly starts to get ‘ tolerance’ and needs to up the dose. Then there is constant Withdrawals (Even on the doses). But after stopping for a while.  It is no good going back on anything at all – As it’s like a Wall that’s been knocked down, ‘nothing to sit on’. Receptors are damaged. Compare it to FUSES, in an electrical circuit. (Our circuits have ALL BLOWN, together with the fuses). It is a very CRUDE & Highly Dangerous way, which puts us under immense confusion / Fear / Pain / Sickness etc. Poison takes time to go from our bodies & in time, with GOOD nutrition, Rest, acceptance, care & understanding IS POSSIBLE For everyone. Ignorance is Not Bliss. You ALL need to learn MORE & try to get your ‘MIND SET’ on continuing Safely & Positively.

Excert From Benzobuddies : “How long have you been off now Stephen Bailey ? sounds like you are having a hard time really long time. I took so many meds and am suffering more than 10 years now. I could be functional sometimes, when I was still on benzo but now I am 23 months out of it and I am mostly bedridden. really hope I will heal somehow”.

Stephen Bailey Replies:  My 4th Time Succeeded 1996. I was on so many Injections, trying to handle the Terrible Withdrawals after Benzo’s, like Clopixol & Depixol & more. I originally started Dec 1990 when I was 32. That’s now over 25 years of Massive Hard Going. I gave myself 12 Months to try to beat this, but look I trusted the shrinks & they kept giving me more stuff, that nearly killed me. talk about Biggest SCAM, & ABUSE in the world. This is a Massive Crime, being lied to & bullied by the med Professions. This stuff is like the strongest GLUE, to get away from. Also, I liken it to a spiders web (Being the chemicals that attach themselves to receptors & synapses etc) The stuff is everywhere in Brain & Body. It is Fat soluble & nasty crude junk. I have been in so many Psychosis events, that I have literally smashed my entire hands, arms, legs & head through Glass & fences & walls etc. The shouting & screaming & more have gotten a lot better. But I have pushed myself far too hard & that is what has made me take longer. PTSD is prevalent & I do not tolerate Stress for too long, bad attitudes, or others who try to challenge me. But surprisingly I am Positive. Some days I do not want to go on. But hey – I have always maintained the fact that : I must get better, because I do not want to die ill & want the chance of the other life ‘If there is one’ to travel in peace & harmony & healed in every way.

“All Prescribed Drugs – DO NOT CURE ANYTHING at all. They Cause MAXIMUM BEHAVIOURAL DISRUPTION. They DESTROY, the Lives of the person that takes them”. !

“You cannot treat Drug Damage, with More Drugs”

In sheer desperation 2 years ago, I very foolishly took, under My GP & Psychiatrists order, Citalopram  (For 4 Whole Weeks). I felt nothing. No different. This just attributes to more Toxic build up & damage. There are No Receptors for them to work on. Did you see where the Lock has changed its shape – so the key no longer fits ?

Then was Prescribed Seroquel & Abilify & even asked “What drugs do you want” ? – am I in a sweet shop ?  If I had taken all of these, I dare say, that of today August 2015, I would be on even more Meds.  When I refused & showed ALL OF THE FACTS to them. Asked what other means of help there was : There is NOTHING – Just Drugs !

It just got too much for Poor Yorik !  More Skullduggery for Big Pharma. Heads they Win – Tails we Lose : (But Not For Long). Benzos Kill & Support Action WE R Turning Tails To Strike Out The Criminals.  Presently 34,475 people, on my Google+ Site PLUS their Friends & Families, are seeking URGENT ASSISTANCE, to what these Powerful & Dangerous Meds have attributed. Updated 25/01/2016.

(Today Monday 12th December 2016  45,662  people, have viewed this page). Plus my other online pages & supports.

There are Millions World wide, suffering in constant agony, many unsure as to why, ignorance is rife. The Sickness wreaks havoc with every Human & makes for a Living Hell.



Benzodiazepines (Xanax, Klonopin) primary mode of action is on GABA (gamma-aminobutryic acid), the most common receptor in the nervous system. GABA is a neurotransmitter that is the cornerstone of the inhibitory (calming) system of the body, and controls the action of epinephrine, norepinephrine and dopamine. The main function of GABA is to prevent anxiety and stress-related messages from reaching the motor centers of the brain. They regulate excitability, including the seizure threshold. The brain must balance the excitatory and calming influences. Excessive excitation can lead to seizures, insomnia, anxiety and other clinical conditions; whereas excessive inhibition results in incoordination, sedation and anesthesia.

Benzodiazepines, barbiturates and alcohol all act on GABA, and chronic use down-regulates and modify the GABA receptors, which in turn causes dependence. With continued use of Benzodiazepines, the calming effect of GABA is diminished while the excitatory neurotransmitter Glutamate, is increased. Glutamate is always an excitatory neurotransmitter, and GABA is what counters this action. As GABA is initially enhanced by Benzodiazepines, the brain’s output of excitatory neurotransmitters, including Norepinephrine (noradrenalin), Serotonin, Acetyl Choline and Dopamine are reduced. These neurotransmitters are necessary for alertness, muscle tone, coordination, memory, emotional responses, endocrine gland hormones, heart rate, blood pressure control and other functions. As a result, all these may be impaired by Benzodiazepines.

Additional receptors for Benzodiazepines (non-GABA) are located in the colon, kidney, blood cells and adrenal cortex, and therefore may also be affected by Benzodiazepines. These actions are responsible for the well-known side effects and adverse reactions.

As the primary inhibitory neurotransmitter, GABA filters out irrelevant messages by terminating the excitatory glutamate, epinephrine and norepinephrine. GABA is viewed as the ‘braking system’ among neurotransmitters and it is estimated that about 40% of the synapses in the human brain work with GABA. GABA also enhances alpha wave production to promote relaxation and moderate occasional stress and supports immune health. It has been shown that T-cells (white blood cells critical to the immune system), are inhibited by GABA, and GABA has been shown to inhibit the response to foreign antigens. This suggests that the immune system needs GABA to function properly. This may explain why it is common to have frequent infections and a compromised immune system after long-term use of Benzodiazepines, or in the withdrawal process.

In situations of high stress or excitement, the brain responds with an increase in GABA production. Under normal situations, our levels of GABA are sufficient to maintain control of the excitatory stimuli. GABA’s high concentration in the hypothalamus suggests it plays a critical role in both hypothalamus and pituitary function. The hypothalamus is a region of the brain that is the regulating center for instinctive functions such as sleep cycles, body temperature, and the pituitary gland is the master endocrine gland affecting all hormone functions of the body.

The GABA receptor allows more chloride ions to enter the brain cell, thus working to maintain the electrical charge within the cells. Benzodiazepines work by increasing the effectiveness of GABA in the chloride opening so the chloride ion cells to allow more chloride to enter the nerves. Caffeine does the opposite and inhibits the property of GABA. Therefore Benzodiazepines work as a tranquilizer and caffeine as a stimulant. Benzodiazepines act as a booster to the actions of GABA, and allow more chloride ions to enter the neuron. This in turn makes the nerve more resistant to excitation.

The Calcium-Channel activity is also increased by Benzodiazepines. Calcium-channels are located in the central nervous system, but also are located in excitable cells including in the muscle, nerve cells and in the Glial cells that form myelin to protect the nerve endings, and provide support and protection for the brain’s nerve cells. There is roughly one Glial for every neuron in the gray matter of the brain. Prolonged use of benzodiazepines result in adaptation of the receptors that may increase in number and/or their sensitivity to GABA. A larger dose of the Benzodiazepine may be needed to produce the same calming effect. This phenomenon is known as ‘tolerance’. Additionally, upregulated Calcium Channels are linked to an increase in neuropathy pain. Withdrawal of the drug can result in the receptor becoming hypoactive, producing symptoms worse than what the patient originally sought treatment for. If Benzodiazepines are suddenly stopped or reduced too rapidly, the calcium floods into the cell. This can cause intense withdrawal symptoms and be life-threatening due to the seizure risk.

Additionally, prolonged exposure to Benzodiazepines measurably increase accumulation of intracellular calcium that over-excites the neurons and increases anxiety, muscle tension, insomnia and many other symptoms associated with tolerance and withdrawal.

When the GABA is no longer capable of opening the chloride ion channels, the cells become overly excited. This cellular hyper-excitability is responsible for the insomnia, irritability, tachycardia, hypertension, hallucinations and seizures from the abrupt cessation of long-term alcohol use and also benzodiazepines.

Alcohol has a similar effect to benzodiazepines, increasing the release of chloride back into the neurons. This is the major way in which alcohol affects the brain. Tolerance to alcohol and benzodiazepines is the receptor adapting to the drug by increasing the number of receptors so more of the drug is needed to have the effect. The receptors become hypoactive by the drug being withdrawn, which enhances the symptoms that the drug was intended to treat.

Benzodiazepine withdrawal is far more involved than alcohol, heroin, methamphetamine or even opiates. Yet 112.8 million prescriptions were filled in 2008, with the majority prescribed by primary care physicians. They remain among the most frequently recommended medication.

Benzodiazepines can be extremely habit-forming and long-term use is not recommended (longer than 14 consecutive days).

Side Effects May Include: Confusion, Depression, Headache, Slurred Speech, Tremor, Vertigo, Blurred or Double Vision, Dizziness, Stimulation, Restlessness, Anxiety, Agitation, Aggressiveness, Irritability, Rage, Akathasia, Tiredness / Sleepiness, Increased Salivation, Rigidity, Nasal Congestion, Weight loss or Weight Gain, Nausea, Stomach Upset, Constipation or Diarrhea, Insomnia, Tachycardia / Palpitations, Hypertension, Memory Impairment, Abnormal Involuntary Movement, Muscular Twitching, Change in Libido, Weakness, Talkativeness, Muscle Tone Disorders, Upper Respiratory Infections, Sweating, Menstrual Disorders, Edema, Infection, Fear.

Please Go very careful. I am still struggling & would never recommend Cold Turkey, as it has

proved very detrimental.  Steve  12th December 2016

The ‘CATALYST’ for World Wide Disabilities & Massive Torture – WAS SET, in stone, with the very first Benzodiazepine & has caused a MASSIVE PANDEMIC.

In a few Words : “Permanently Damaged, By Benzodiazepines. NO RETURN”.

(Because, I have written, to EVERY Department, for many years, explaining & requesting help). NOTHING has been done. IT IS DEADLY SERIOUS !


Answer : ” You probably would NOT, YOU WOULD fall, to your knees & Be In HELL – Just like Many countless, good people & STAY THERE – WITH NO HELP – Just a VERY PITIFUL & PATHETIC WIMPER – Where No body can help, where NOTHING does you any good. “WHERE IS YOUR CONSCIENCE ?” Shame on YOU ALL – For RAPING US – LIKE THIS”  24th January 2017.


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Heavy Metal Detox

Toxic heavy metals such as mercury, aluminum, copper, cadmium, lead, arsenic, nickel, chrome, alloy, and steel are hidden antagonizers that can find their way into our bodies and wreak havoc. They are one of the Unforgiving Four, which is a group of dangers we are exposed to that threaten our health and well-being. I discuss The Unforgiving Four in-depth in my book Life-Changing Foods: Save Yourself and the Ones You Love with the Hidden Healing Powers of Fruits & Vegetables. If you want to heal from chronic illness and symptoms, removing the heavy metals in your body and brain is an incredible place to start. Below I share some of the symptoms triggered by heavy metals, the history of heavy metals, and a heavy metal detox plan.

                                                 “Save The World – Save Our Souls”….. STOP These Medical Criminals, From Getting away with MURDER !

As of 30th May 2017.  Now Over 21 Years, since I Stopped taking all Medications. Am still very weak & Lobotomised. No one can see this terrible, iatrogenic disease.

It just continues, on a daily basis & is extremely difficult, to do any task.

I have over 60,000 people, on Google+ & Supports, on Benzodiazepine Facebook Pages, are rising rapidly.

Please Get Involved. Warn as many, as you can, about these Highly Toxic & Damaging Chemicals. Do NOT let it happen to YOU !