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They Buried Us. They Didn’t Know We Were Seeds.

I’m that tiny flower pushing its way up through the crack in the sidewalk. A hardy little soldier of a seed infused with a portion of faith that can move mountains, haphazardly tossed by a turbulent life into the air to land in the most unlikely of places to thrive. Buried and suffocated beneath the weight years of addiction, sadness, fear, self loathing, loneliness and feelings of worthlessness.

I stayed buried in that unfertile ground for so long, I didn’t know, I couldn’t perceive that there was any life within me. Then one day, I remembered my Maker. His loving hands. How they formed me gently with tender kindness. I remembered the warmth and vitality I felt in those hands. I remembered the comfort of resting within them. And, I remembered the life He breathed into my core.

Suddenly, I began to stir deep within that darkness. I began to stretch and reach and groan for His warmth again. One ray. One piercing beam cutting through the darkness is all it took. It shined hope on my face that filled me from within and burst forth to take its first deep breath of life.

Breath of joy. Breath of sorrow. Breath of wonder. Breath of thanksgiving. Breath of humility. Breath of obedience. Breath of honor. Breath of praise.

Here I stand, lone and tall, proud of the work His hands have done in me. Here I fight to fulfill this calling He’s placed on this perfect place to thrive He chose for a rugged little seed like me.

The darkness tried to steal my breath. The darkness tried to steal my memories of my Maker. The darkness fought to keep me buried beneath its weight. But the darkness did not consider my Maker and the plans He has for me.