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Synthetic Opioids Won’t Be Stopped By A Wall

The theme of the addiction and recovery community as of late is that we need to get the opioid epidemic under control. This is important,

New Drug Krokodil Sinks Sharp Teeth Into Drug Users

Nicknamed the “flesh eating zombie drug,” krokodil is just the latest nightmare drug to crop up in the United States. Harsh, highly addictive, and

New Drug Called Pink Responsible for Overdoses Across the U.S. 

Have you heard of Pink? I’m not talking about the cool pop singer who stopped doing hard drugs in the 90’s. A new drug

Meet Danielle, a Military Widow, Who Lost Her Husband To Drugs 10 Months Ago

Danielle is 37 years old, and a widow. Her husband, Greg, passed away 10 months ago, on March 5, 2016, leaving behind Danielle and

An Interview With Kerry Cohen About Love Addiction

In 2008, author Kerry Cohen published her widely popular memoir Loose Girl in which she explored her search to fill a deep emotional void with

HBO Documentary ‘Risky Drinking’ Showcases Alcohol Issues in White People

Last week on Monday night, a new HBO documentary debuted entitled “Risky Drinking.” I was excited to watch because HBO has put out some

Finding the Right Drug Rehab Center for You

Drug rehab is no simple matter. Obviously, there’s the difficulty associated with the entire recovery process itself, and especially the last part: the one

When the Party Ends and the Problem Begins: College Alcoholism

Freshman orientation is typically the introduction to college life. Incoming students attend speeches with their family, hear all about the curricula offered, and learn

Let’s Get Real About the Human Cost of Heroin and Prescription Pill Overdoses

Last week news outlets throughout the country were reporting the newest statistical tragedy in America’s Opioid Epidemic; that more people died in 2015 from