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From Substandard to Comprehensive: Changing The Way We Treat Addiction

How do we change addiction treatment from being substandard to being effective at saving lives? First, the stigma must die. Second, those suffering from

Our Voices Matter

It’s been a couple of weeks since I have written anything, which is unusual for me because I usually write about my recovery every

Not All Sober Living Homes Are Bad

There has been some stories in the news lately about Sober Living Homes (SLH’s). Much of this press has been negative. Well, actually, I

Sometimes, We Only Escape Hell Temporarily

They were supposed to never see each other again.  At least that was what reassured me, after detailing her and her boyfriend’s ride-or-die lifestyle,

Saying “No” To Booze While Working in a Restaurant

The lifestyle of restaurant employees is no doubt unique. We’re working on Friday nights and are free Tuesday mornings. Our fridges are filled with

Killers in white coats

                                I remember being a young nursing student in

48 Hours: A Lesson Learned From Two Icons

The untimely deaths of George Michael and Carrie Fisher offer a stark contrast as to why we must end addiction shaming in 2017. By

He’s A Different Kind of Drug Addict Than Me

High As a drug addict myself, it never really occurred to me that I would lose someone I care for to addiction. You see,

Harm reduction? More like harm inflation.

I recently wrote a blog about my how I understand that in some circumstances harm reduction is necessary. However, as I have more and