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Personal Narratives

Getting Sober Through A Drug Rehab For Heroin

After 8 months locked up in a rehab (coming off a large heroin and crack addiction and having to detox off methadone) the day

Beyond Been There Done That

Sobriety is a great accomplishment. A life free from a chemical dependency is something I thought I could never experience. Learning how to live

Photographs From The Edge

I am not sure when the last time I opened those boxes was; over a decade, for sure. They have traveled from a broken

Sometimes, We Only Escape Hell Temporarily

They were supposed to never see each other again.  At least that was what reassured me, after detailing her and her boyfriend’s ride-or-die lifestyle,

That Little Baggie Is A Bad Idea

Note from Chris of SOBERCOMMAND.ORG: Before you read this I wanted to express my absolute joy in that, once in a while, I read

475 Reasons

I have started typing at least 12 blog posts this year (I know because they are saved in my ‘drafts’… where they shall remain…

New Year Drunkalogue

I remember as a little girl waking up on the morning after my parents had a party the night before. I was usually in

To The Man I loved and Lost to Addiction

I always knew looking back on the tears, I would laugh. I never thought looking back on the laughs it would bring tears to

SurvIving the Flu in Recovery

It was bound to happen eventually. I knew I couldn’t live the rest of my life without ever getting the flu. But this time?