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Short Form & Affirmations

From Cocaine Addict & Alcoholic to 8 Years Sober: Here’s How I Did It

When I first got sober I made the decision based on a severe desperation to live life on different terms than I had been.

How Can I Keep Loving An Alcoholic?

I’ve spent the last five months of my life in a relationship with an alcoholic. It’s a horrid disease. It’s horrid to watch someone

How To Cure Shame, One Connection At A Time

Shame. Blech. The word alone makes me cringe. Like many of the difficult emotions, I want to escape and avoid this one—to take a

Poem: You Are Not Alice

Through the Looking Glass, and down the rabbit hole. FALLING, FALLING, FALLING, spiraling out of control. Taking this and drinking that, too big now

Poem: Harvest of Hypocrisy

Looking for somewhere I can apply blame, the balance lands on zero Trying to pen a tale of heartache but can’t seem to find

A Warrior Rebirthed

Heroin pulses through my scarred veins No longer does it help soothe, or cease the pain I miss the numbness and the freedom I

You Can’t Schedule Sobriety

Good morning! My name is Lauren, and I’m a grateful, recovering alcoholic/addict. One thing I’m really good at is doing things to the extreme.

Recovering From A Rough Relapse

When we relapse like I just did, it’s an inner battle. You try so hard to fight through it, to keep treading above the

Recovering from an Unnatural Affliction

My downward spiral began in a place sadly familiar to many. As a child in my broken home, surrounded by alcoholism and drug abuse.