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Science and Tech

Why Addiction Is A Genetic Gift

The use of genetic (DNA) testing for purposes related to addiction have been going on for several years now. Some doctors use these tests

Top 8 Most Drug-Addicted Countries; Where Does U.S Stand?

GLOBAL OUTLOOK FOR MOST DRUG-ADDICTED COUNTRIES Hold on to your hats because what you’re about to read will shock you. According to a report

Naloxone: life saver? or money maker?

By Jason Smith At the mouth of the Black River in northeastern Ohio, Reverend Tim Williams and his wife, co-pastor Deena Williams, prepare their

Innovation In Recovery: Lauren Stahl of SPARKITE

There’s a new app that’s set to assist the after care process for treatment centers and their alumni in recovery.  SPARKITE is a mobile

Opioid addiction, a Man Made Epidemic

                   During my sons active addiction I never gave any thought to where his pills were

How Meditation Aids Recovery

“Any behavior that is associated with craving and temporary relief, and with long-term negative consequences, that a person is not able to give up”.

(Almost) Everything Johann Hari Knows About Addiction is Wrong

It has been about a year since Johann Hari made a big splash with his book, Chasing the Scream. In the wake of its

Drug Epidemics: Now and Then

People are dying. We are in the midst of the third drug epidemic in the last 50 years and the second one involving opioids.

How A Psychedelic Drug Could Help Treat Alcohol and Opiate Addiction

For 24 hours, Gordon barely moved a muscle. With decades of alcohol abuse and a string of failed relationships and treatment attempts behind him,