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[ Personal Narratives ]


Next month (February 21, 2016), my youngest son Dale will celebrate fours years of sobriety. The past four years have been nothing shorter than SUPERNATURALLY AMAZING! Dale’s life has transcended so much from the despair of addiction to the JOY and FREEDOM that accompanies personal recovery. 

To really appreciate Dale’s profound transformation it is important to reflect momentarily upon the past. This is my fourth article published on website. In previous articles I shared how bound my son was to the alcohol addiction, for more than a decade alcoholism controlled and dominated his life. Through this time period Dale experienced two brief incarcerations, sustained a fracture jaw by someone he tried to help. 

Survived two single car accidents  and was terminated from numerous jobs as a result of the insanity of alcohol addiction. Lost the privilege to drive himself which led to him being dependent on others for transportation. Dale was robbed of his self-respect and dignity because the disease reduced his life to complete insanity. I wrote my first book which was published April 2014 titled “EXPERIENCING THE GREATNESS OF GOD IN THE SPIRITUAL REALM” in which I shared more in detail about Dale’s addiction to alcohol and his magnificent deliverance in February 2012. 

The beauty of this season is how God has blessed Dale to RECOVER those things lost while addicted. His driving privileges were restored November 2012, which led him to purchase a vehicle. Dale relocated to Charlotte NC and is just FLOURISHING in God’s Greatness there. Dale worked in the Food Service Industry for about twelve years, but God ordained a new season and career for him January 2015. God ordered his steps to the Substance Abuse/Mental Health field. He received training and became certified as a Peer Coach last year and is currently working as a independent contractor for a agency in the Charlotte area. Dale’s father BLESSED him with a late model vehicle also. 

This gesture alone by Dale’s father is remarkable in itself because father and son now have a relationship RESTORED by God and the love they have for each other in this moment of time can only be attributed to the GREATNESS of God. The most important transformation is Dale’s desire and PASSION to become a Certified Physical Fitness Trainer. He began the process in 2015 and with faith in God he will become certified officially in 2016. The name of his business is “destinetomakeit.” To see just how far he has matured and grown is just so beautiful to witness as his mother. The way Dale used to drink no one could fathom that he would one day become an ADVOCATE of being physically fit, but he is.  So many people on Facebook love to watch his videos as he training clients. He even videotapes his own personal workout sessions and every single video is filled with encouragement and humility. Every workout session offers a “destinetommakeit” nugget, “if God did for me then He can do the same for you too. Remember even though your life maybe filled with difficulties and adversity you are “destinetomakeit.” God makes ALL THINGS possible if you just believe. 

You are “destinetomakeit!”