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kristyn 2 Rep.

It’s my first day out of another detox for opiates, I want to get thru this, what are good ways to stay busy? And clean…

JT commented ago
    JT 21 Rep. Ago

    Write a journal of inspirational ideas or goals for your recovery…get a part-time job…exercise…volunteer anywhere…go to meetings…draw pictures…write a book…be creative…but even if you’re bored, stay focused…you can do it!

      Darlene Dawn 40 Rep. Ago

      When I got clean and sober I went to as many AA/NA meetings as I could get to and read much of the AA/NA literature. The book “Living Sober” was most helpful. Even though alcohol was not my drug of choice, the only requirement for membership in AA is the desire to stop drinking. I had that desire because alcohol always led me back to my drug of choice in the past. I no longer hung out with my old friends or went to my old hangouts. Whenever work or kids didn’t interfere, I socialized with the women after the meetings who had worked the steps and seemed to have emotional sobriety. We got a meal, coffee, or ice cream and got to know each other. In meetings, I mostly listened or shared briefly in a general way. In person, I was able to share more details about myself. By talking with others who were further along the path, I began to learn how to practice H.A.L.T. and take care of the body’s needs for food, expression of feelings without doing harm, and rest. Eventually, I got a sponsor and connected with others in the program who were active. We attended sober dances, out of town meetings, workshops, conventions, round-ups, and Sessions by the Sea (Ocean City, MD). We went hiking, bowling, swimming, dancing, and played pool—all with a group of clean and sober friends. When you’re new it’s fairly easy to find people willing to help you as long as you reach your hand out and ask; then make yourself available. Yes, it may feel uncomfortable but, believe me, going back to drug use will be more uncomfortable in the long run.



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