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lyzamarie 24 Rep.

Do you believe that a person working a recovery program and taking suboxone should be considered in recovery?

Cindy Kurneck answered ago
    Cindy Kurneck 25 Rep. Ago

    Yes. Everyone’s recovery is different. There is no one right way to ‘recover’. If you are moving towards freedom then you are recovering. Some move faster than others, some use what I call ‘step down’ drugs. Everyone has to live their own recovery

      Rip W. 36 Rep. Ago

      It depends on your definition of recovery. If you believe recovery is freedom from addiction then no, because the person is still addicted to a mood and mind altering substance. If recovery means, restoration to a functional life, then yes, because while still being on a Drug replacement program, the individual has regained functionality in society. I personally would not consider myself in recovery if I was on a DRP, but I would never judge someone who felt they needed it. I believe that drugs like suboxone have a place in recovery, but only as an aide to wean an addict off other opiates. If someone wants to be off of drugs then why would they just get on another drug? What is the difference other than government regulation and it being legal? It still doesn’t address the real problem which is our dependence on a chemical to make us feel better. Hope this helps.

        Chelsie Charmed 46 Rep. Ago

        I believe they can be. I’ve been on methadone over 9 years and I’m halfway to finally being off it. Hopefully by the time I reach 10 years I’ll be off completely. It’s done wonders for me. I was able to finish my high school, go to university, hold down a job, find my passion, have a wonderful baby. It’s just time for me to move on but I seriously believe I never would have accomplished those things if I wasn’t in recovery. I wrote a post about the difference between addiction and physical dependence if you want to take a look.

        Cmhermes commented on answer ago
          Jason Smith 116 Rep. Ago

          Absolutely, if it’s part of their program and they’re following it. Same goes for Methadone. Now, me personally – no, I wouldn’t consider myself in recovery on Subs, and I made that choice in the beginning and I stuck to it. But should someone choose differently, that’s up to them. I think recovery programs are deeply personal, with intentions and motives playing such a big part, and only the individual truly knows what those are. Great question!

          lyzamarie commented on answer ago


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