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O.P. 64 Rep.

I’ve gone over nine years without using heroin, but I drink wine regularly (in a very disciplined amount). I never went through any programs, but I’ve read about some 12 steppers who think it’s impossible for an addict to drink responsibly. Some even believe smoking must be stopped in recovery. What about caffeine? Chocolate? Just about any substance or behavior has the potential for abuse. Where do we draw the line?

Courtnonymous commented on answer ago
    Marc McMahon 23 Rep. Ago

    Alcohol is a drug,period!!! We are addicts who must abstain from all drugs in order to recover!! Narcotics Anonymous basic text states that.I happen to know it to be true from personal experience!! Dont do it!! If you choose to and you truly are an addict it wont be long before you are either abusing the alcohol because you like its effects,or you get drunk loose your inhibitions and your addict gets you to believe that its ok now,you have had a little clean time so you can use your drug of choice just a little,sure it will tell you,go ahead it will be differant this time.All fucking lies that monster inside you will tell you so it can get you using again so it can eventually wrap its hands back around your throat and try and make sure that this time you never escape him again.Thats your addiction and it wants you dead!!! So dont let it or anyone else tell you drinking alcohol is fine as long as you dont do drugs.Please hear me on this I have tried it to many times and know at least 100 others who have to and will tell you the same thing as I.Your life could very well depend on it!!
    Remember you said your an addict.Addiction is a disease right? Ok so you suffer from a disease which has absolutely in all of history ever had a known cure.So if you have your addiction in remission lets call it,why would you ever want to risk having it active again.Pls dont put you and your loved ones through the fucking HELL I put mine and myself through.You deserve better,so dont drink pls!

      Chrissy D. 26 Rep. Ago

      its between you and your ‘higher power’.

      . Remember, alcohol is metabolized as an opiate before it gets to the liver.

      Chrissy D. edited answer ago
        Courtnonymous 14 Rep. Ago

        NA didn’t always have the “Alcohol is a drug” term. They adopted it when they saw that people were dying because they thought a little drink now and then was completely harmless. I personally know people who have died from this exact thing-and others who have become raging alcoholics but they rationalized that, “hey I’m not doing heroin!” The OP said, “I drink wine regularly, but in a very disciplined amount.” That doesn’t seem like much fun. What’s the point? What happens when you have a really bad day and your discipline goes awry? I agree with the poster who said it’s not about the drug. Drugs (including alcohol) are just a symptom of a much bigger problem. Besides, why get clean from heroin only to put poison in your body? What’s the payoff?

          TreatmentCandorBlake 28 Rep. Ago

          So that is a toughie…In my experience, the bottom line is that it depends on the person. Some people (myself included) cannot use anything. I cannot drink, I cannot take pills, I cannot smoke mary jane, nothing…How do I know? I’ve tried doing it all in a controlled manner and it never worked for me. One thing always led to another. I was originally addicted to pills so I tried to drink only, which led me into a whole new set of problems.

          I believe it’s not the substance that matters anyway. We don’t have drinking or drugging problems, we have THINKING PROBLEMS. The problem lies in between our ears. Some people can recover enough and work on their issues enough that they are able to successfully drink like a “normal” person again. I have friends who were major alcoholics who did enough therapy that now they smoke marijuana at night to relax and they are totally under control.

          It really depends on the individual. I’ve always felt for myself, if I’m questioning something,though, it’s probably not a good idea for me to try. Alcohol and drugs are not necessary in people’s lives. They are not needed to have fun or go out or socialize. I’ve been in recovery for years now and may be able to have a controlled beer here and there but I have no desire to even try. It makes no difference to me now. Ive accepted a mindset that alcohol doesn’t exist in my world so that I can move forward and grow without the use of anything mind/mood altering. The result of that thinking? I’m much more confident in my true self and I’m a better person for it.

          _Blake C

            Chelsie Charmed 46 Rep. Ago

            I haven’t had a drink in a long time. Never really liked it. However I did have a drink here and there while in recovery from drugs and I was absolutely fine. I believe recovery is a deeply personal thing and no one’s opinion should determine if you’re in recovery or not. Only we get to decide that for ourselves.



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