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Allen Leonard 12 Rep.

Everyone has ways to cope with things. Obviously most of us have used drugs and and alcohol to do so. I’ve gone to rehab 5 times and I have been in AA for many years. I’ve been told many times to dive in head first with AA. It’s the only way to keep me sober and sane. I seem to have a different view about this. I am an extrovert at heart. I love being out and around people. I work in a bar and restaurant atmosphere. I have no desire to drink or drug. I don’t go to AA very much anymore. I almost feel like being exposed and around it makes me stronger. Makes me feel like I am still a normal being in everyday society. I don’t have to seclude myself to stay clean. I almost feel a sense of power knowing I don’t drink or drug, that I can be around it, and not partake to still enjoy life. People always ask me well what do i do for fun.. I say the same things you probably like to do for fun… Only I don’t drink doing it. IDK..just my 2 cents.

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