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Matt 105 Rep.

From fiedawn’s post, he brings up an interesting discussion. Why do some people have addictive personalities and others seem immune?

O.P. answered ago
    Greg Boudle 16 Rep. Ago

    Based on my personal experience with addiction and recovery I subscribe to the belief that addiction is a disease so rather than referring to it as an addictive personality I prefer “the disease of addiction”. Since I’m not a scientist I can only assume that it’s the same reason why some people are more vulnerable to diabetes, cancer, or any other disease. I believe that I had the disease of addiction long before I used for the first time and I continue to have the disease although I’m several years removed from my last use. The using of drugs was only a symptom of a much deeper dis-ease which prevented me from feeling comfortable in my own skin and can reappear at any time if I don’t take the necessary precautions that I learned in recovery. After many years of repeated sobriety and relapse I found this to be an absolute truth for me. We are all unique awesome individuals with our own genetic makeup that nobody else has. For me the term “personality” refers to that very unique amazing “you” that can bring so much value to this world that NOBODY else can.

      O.P. 64 Rep. Ago

      This is a great topic for discussion. Thanks to fiedawn for bringing it up.

      I think the tendency to become an addict depends on so many factors that no one can simply say you either have an addictive personality or are immune to addiction. I don’t think anyone is immune to addiction, nor do I think every addict will always have an addictive personality. It depends on who you are, where you are, and what circumstances surround you at the time.

      Anyway, my reply was getting very long-winded so I just posted it as an article I would love to know your thoughts and personal experiences!

        fiedawn 10 Rep. Ago

        Do you have ideas why? Addition seems to be 50% genetics and 50% coping mechanisms…



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