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Playing The Tape Backwards

How did I find the he needed a drug detoxification? 5:30 am…. phone rings. Inmate call prompt :” I  Got burns on my face. She put her cigarette out on my face, and hit the median. ” 

2 days earlier he is standing in my living room ” I need 16 to get clean. I want my family back. I will go to drug detoxification”. 

1 day earlier, picking up boys from school. They are so excited to watch cartoons with daddy. Get home. He’s not there . 

Facebook left open to his profile on my phone. 

“Where can we meet? I’m holding. Meet me at mcdonalds at noon. I  got cash for us to go”.  

Her Facebook name is now my last name… my children’s last name. 

I’m begging God that the kids are too busy playing to hear my choked back sobs, to see my tears in my eyes. He said he had money in his message to her. I  better check the credit card. $16. Prompt ” enter pin to check previous transactions. This pin is invalid “. 

Check his Facebook.  Message to sister in Riverside.  ” be there in 2 days”. Ironically 1 week before our sons 5th Birthday.  The first he has had without his dad, even if 2 of them were in a prison visiting room. He needs drug detoxification. We need our dad back