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 “Eliminate The Stigma of Addiction” A Cliche I’m Not Ashamed To Use

By: Matt Mendoza (Founder of

It’s been about 9 months since we launched last May. Since then, we’ve received nearly a million unique visitors, and we are grateful for each one. We’ve had stories go “viral” having been picked up by much larger publications, we’ve seen dozens of your stories get over the 10,000 read mark, and thats just on TRE, that’s not counting the thousands of likes, shares and comments your stories have obtained on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. We’ve even seen one of your stories get purchased up by a major film producer for an upcoming TV pilot.

A lot has changed over the past 9 months, but our primary goal remains the same, to provide a space for those who’ve been affected by addiction, to share and exchange stories, ideas, and opinions, and to do that by creating an audience, for everyone. We’ve designed TheRealEdition to help get the best content the most attention, regardless of who wrote it. You can read more about that system here.

There are so many great blogs on addiction and recovery on the internet, some are very popular, and others are like hidden gems. There are also those that don’t want to publish a full time blog, and our publishing platform is tailored to you as well.

Our goal remains to centralize ALL of these stories, to help bloggers, writers and thinkers gain and build an even larger audience, to exchange even more ideas, to help move people, and to help move the goal that nearly all of us share, to shed the stigma that surrounds addiction.

At this point, it sounds like a cliche: “eliminate the stigma of addiction”, but that’s what we want it to be, a cliche is just an “overused” phrase, and until addiction is understood in the same way that other life threatening conditions are, then we will keep repeating it.

The idea itself sounds overwhelming, and for an analytical person like myself, it seems discouraging at times, probably because it’s effectiveness is difficult to measure, and I like tangible goals. Then again, take a look at what has happened in 2015, and i’d say we are well on our way. More on this in a second.

So as we begin a New Year, we want to share our gratitude with all that have taken part in this movement. Anyone who has written, read or shared on, as well as the hundreds of blogs that exist outside of TRE. We invite and encourage all of you to share your writings on our site as well, but if nothing else, let’s talk and collaborate more! We’ve come a long way, but It’s going to take a team effort to accomplish our shared goals.

As for 2015, i’ll share a link to our friends over at, a really great article on what really was a transformative year in 2015.

So here’s to an even more amazing year to come! And with that, i’ll just mention that TRE has some real cool features coming in the next few weeks, we’ll be sure to keep you informed.

Much Love,

Matt Mendoza

Founder of

Email: [email protected]