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From Finishing Her Drink to Finishing a 10K

You never know what you'll accomplish sober.
You never know what you’ll accomplish sober.

First 10K down—the Vulcan 10K 2016!

Today was amazing. I’m grateful for the guy in the parking deck, Rick, who I parked beside. Nervous and antsy, I got out of my car and walked straight over to him as he was putting his race bib on his shirt. I asked him if he knew which way the race was. When I’m nervous, I’m so awkward. Instead of pointing me in the right direction, he walked with me toward the huge crowd of pumped up runners just waiting for time to line up at the starting line. Rick even ran at my pace and helped to push me along the way.

I thought of everything I’m thankful for as I ran: God, all the moments along the way. Thoughts of how days like this would’ve never happened 5 years ago rolled through my squirrelly brain. I’ll forever be grateful for my friend in recovery, Michael Brown, who pushed me through to the end.

After the race, they were serving beer (no thanks) and water (yes please). And the best part: waffles. I chugged my water and ate my waffles like a champ. Crazy. There were days in my past that I didn’t even get out of bed to crack a bottle of vodka open. I didn’t care about anything back then, myself included. I definitely didn’t care about my health, and I would’ve thought anyone that ran a 10K was crazy. Yet here I was, a finisher.

Life is too short to be drowning in alcoholism and substance abuse. Live it up, folks. Some people may never get the chance.

The challenge is there if you’re ready. Be open and willing to listen. Know that everyone who comes into your life is there to teach you something. My heart is so full. Seek strength from within first. Let the negativity and noise of the world roll off your back. Love yourself and push yourself. And run, baby, run.