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[ Personal Narratives ]

Flawed Yet Forgiven

I lay down with demons yet I wonder why I cannot seem to sleep. I am a fraud, a liar, I am a lost little girl alone and afraid of what the darkness holds. I am in Hell, I keep the company of demons. 

I struggle for acceptance in a world that welcomes everyone but accepts no one.

My life a hopeless one, My sleep dreamless. My cold heart lay broken and empty in my chest. There is a hunger in me that no food will ease, I thirst yet no water will ease my burning throat. 

I cry for myself and for those who are like me and the tears burn my skin like acid. There are days where I am sure I hear the Devil’s laughter ringing through my head. My Sins are countless, My prayers nothing but empty promises. As I continue to walk the path of the Damned. I am lost for words to explain it knowing I brought this hell on myself. I was out courting demons while they were home in their beds. I am to wander the world of the damned with addiction clawing at whats left of my soul. I wear the scars of a selfish existence upon my body. 

I have romanced death and lacked the courage of my convictions to scared to loss my soul . I have dined at the Devil’s table, we talked and laughed as if we were old friends. I have hurt those I claim to love and loved those who were not rightfully mine to love. I have had my heart-broken and caused others hearts to bleed. I stand before you humbled stripped bare with my Sins naked and laid out before you. My head bowed in shame awaiting my judgment day. Let all those who have Sinned stand here beside me. Let those who have never tasted of the Devil’s wine gather stones. Let it be known that I am a Sinner flawed and broken that my presence here is a disgrace to my Fathers home. 

Let those who have in vain attempted to pass their judgment on me hear my plea before punishment is read. I am guilty but unburdened by the heavy weight of my Sins here lies my confession. I have laid it at the feet of my Father and have found the forgiveness I seek. Today I made my Father proud…… Reflections of my Addiction…………Confessions of a humble Sinner…..Loved beyond all your perfections…………Flawed yet Forgiven……….I am my Father’s child.