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For an addict and their loved one

For an addict,  each day you use,  is like digging deeper into a hole. Some people are fortunate enough to realize when they are getting to the point where they will soon dig deep enough to not be able to get themselves out. Sure someone can reach an arm down to help you out but ultimately you have to decide to take their hand and allow yourself to be helped. Others don’t realize it and they dig so deep it ultimately becomes their grave, and their family is forced to fill that hole back up with their loved ones inside it. This is the outcome for too many of us. Now if you were able to get yourself out of that hole, then God bless. The tricky thing is that once you get clean that hole,  and the memories are still there.  You may feel as if the hole is mocking you,  a constant reminder of your shortcomings. You need to remember that each day you remain sober, you are slowly putting more dirt back in that hole,  and after awhile you get yourself back on solid ground.  Now this may take you awhile. You didn’t dig that hole overnight.  Chances are it took you months or years to reach you rock bottom,  so give yourself at least that long to get back on your feet.  Remember that it isn’t always easy, but it is always worth it. If you put in the effort your day will come. 

Also,  never take for granted the people who remained in your life through the darkest times. Yes,  they may be hard on you, or not trust you at first but you have to realize that addiction is a selfish disease.  Yes,  you had to live through it but remember they were the ones who had to watch someone they love and adore slowly kill themselves with no way to convince them otherwise.  They were the ones constantly lied to and stolen from.  Just as you attribute the hole analogy to your addiction,  think of it like this… For the loved one of an addict its like watching someone you love slowly drown face down in 4 inches of water. You watch then struggle and suffer and try to convince them all they need to do to save themselves is simply stand up. The only thing harder than being an addict,  is loving one. 

Addiction affects everyone. Whether you’re an addict or the loved one of an addict, remember strength and hope will always be your best friends.