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Forgiveness in Recovery

Forgiveness is the process of letting go

Forgiveness is releasing every built up resentment we’ve been  holding onto

Forgiveness means digging up some of the deepest  planted roots, that for years have kept us from growing

Forgiveness allows us to move forward. 

Forgiveness means facing our fears

Forgiveness  is a second chance, or perhaps 3rd 4th or 5th.

Forgiveness is a clean slate.

Forgiveness is accepting the unacceptable.

Forgiveness is fucking hard.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean  forgetting 

Forgiveness isn’t always followed by an apology.

Forgiveness can happen,even when someone’s not sorry.

Forgiveness doesnt mean it’s right

Forgiveness isn’t always deserved

Forgiveness means we are no longer bounded by our anguish and rage.

Forgiveness can’t be forced

Forgiveness can’t be bought, or bribed

Forgiveness takes time 

 Forgiveness doesn’t always  happen on OUR time,

Forgiveness we seek from others  may never come 

Forgiveness is gut wrenching bravery

Forgiveness is hardest to accept when it’s towards ourselves

Forgiveness is the most healing emotion we humans have.

Forgiveness frees us 

Forgiveness is life.