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God can still use you…

Good morning! My name is Lauren, and I’m a grateful, recovering alcoholic/addict. This picture quote really was an eye opener. I never really thought about all the people, all the “normal sinners”, God used. He took ordinary people, like me and you, with problems, with baggage and used them for His glory. Some people have terrible stories we don’t think anyone should know, some of us don’t think God has any use for us. But look at all of these amazing people in the Bible that He used in such ways that made history. He took Noah, a drunk, and changed him, and he built an ark to keep the animals safe to save them during the flood. Rahab, a prostitute, then helped the Israelite spies at the Battle of Jericho. God took these sinners, forgave them, and gave them a reason to live. Don’t think that just because you have done things in your past that you have no hope.  Look at this list…and this is just a few.  That’s all I have for today. Have a great one!