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“God”, Thank You Today For My Experience

I grew up when the only time you went inside was when your parents yelled for you to come home after the street lights came on. When the only time you locked your door was when you went on vacation. We spent most of our time in the woods, camping, fishing, and hunting. We were taught how to fix things with our hands, and that the worth of a man was measured by the strength of his back.

Our elders were feared and healers. The only time you took medicine was when you were sick. I’m from West Virginia. Where you used to be taught how to be a giver and a provider. Today it’s the overdose capital of the United States. We are in the grips of an epidemic.

Don’t get me wrong there has always been addiction here. From alcohol to weed. But in the late nineties, pharmaceutical companies introduced a powerful drug to us. Oxycontin was born and began being prescribed. In a matter of five years, we had our first wave of overdoses. Late 1998 there was 34+ Oxycontin overdoses in one year.

Wow! Right? We became aware then of the dangers of opioid addiction. Now fast forward 10 years. The special interest groups of the world seen there was no shutting the Pandora’s box they had opened with prescribed dope, so they started opening Methadone clinics to prevent the criminal activity that follows drug abuse. Only to once again create an even worse problem, making it easier to obtain legal deadly dope.

Today the heroin epidemic is consuming us. After countless years, and attempts to fix the problem that they had created the special interest groups made another impulsive, and deadly decision. To remove to prescribed band-aid fix. When they did they opened us up to a cheaper but even more deadly substance. Heroin.

Now that we are all caught up to speed let’s look at where we are. After all of the efforts of the special interests group, we are right back where we started. A generation full of fear, ready to jump ship and escape reality at the drop of a hat. The only solution to this problem I see fit is to raise awareness, educate our young ones. Let’s get back to the basics. Get out of the house, hit the woods. Learn the life lessons that will help us find our humanity. Be the healers, providers, and countrymen and women that for so long everyone in this beautiful country feared. Love yourself, and show respect to our elders.

God help others to see if we refuse to stand for something, we will continue to fall for anything.

If ignorance is bliss then someone please knock the smile off my face.

Thanks for your time today, Chaten Nelson