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Going Through the Steps of Addiction Rehab

The road to sobriety is always a little long, and particularly interesting to say the least. It’s not all a stroll through a summer park, or even a run on the beach. Beating a drug addiction, from alcohol to crack and crank, is not something that’s done in a week’s time or at a inpatient drug rehab alone. 

Alcohol is specifically common. It’s the most abused drug aside from tobacco, according to the NIH. But with dedication, patience, and a preparative mind that knows what it’s going to be going through, you can get there, especially with the right support.

That goes from the support, too. If your loved one is suffering from the effects of physical dependence, then breaking that dependence will be one of the hardest things you’ll have ever helped with, as well finding a inpatient drug rehab will as one of their proudest accomplishments once you’ll inevitably get through it all together. 

Physical dependence is no joke, and no matter of willpower. 

When a person is truly addicted to a drug like alcohol or cocaine, the body needs more of that drug in order to survive. Going through a cold turkey withdrawal can be extremely painful, and in some very extreme cases, it can be fatal. Breaking that dependence is a step-by-step process. 

According to, you could be looking at seizures and hallucinations during detox, which is why it’s important to be with a professional when you go through it.

Step One: Finding the inpatient drug rehab

Rehab programs aren’t particularly hard to find, but they can be hard to choose from. First of all, making sure that a program is accredited and licensed is absolutely critical. Snakes oil salesmen are the worst kind of people you can meet when on your road to recovery. They prey on the weak and vulnerable, and proffer useless and fake cures and easy fixes. Find out what programs are accredited in California, and choose a reputable California drug rehab program.

Treating addiction early is important. The more severe an addiction, the harder and more severe the recovery. Your role as support will be key in helping break the addiction and, more importantly, prevent relapses.

Step Two: Detoxification

This isn’t the same detox that’s commonly touted in today’s health industry. Drug addiction detoxification is a painful and serious process wherein the body undergoes withdrawal. It fights you, and induces a number of very harsh symptoms in order to get you to take your drug of choice. As per WebMD, an alcohol withdrawal can last weeks and is potentially fatal.

The more often someone takes a drug, the more they build a tolerance to it, meaning that they need more of it. That leads to a dependence on the drug on a physical level. Ridding a person of that dependence is what detoxification is about, and it requires lifestyle changes, a change in scenery and routine, and medication. The length of this period depends on the severity of the addiction.

Step Three: Rehab and Recovery

This step takes the rest of a person’s life. Recovery isn’t like a wound that heals without trace. It leaves scars and memories that will never go away. Wishing for those memories to disappear isn’t the right approach, however; making newer and better ones is.

From a totally new outlook in life to a continuous and strong support group and regular therapy sessions, recovery is a continuous journey that the recovering addict has to take with your help.