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Out of the Halfway House and Back to a Good Life

Fresh off the block mind, still racing, struggling just to make it another 24, the pain the not being able to sit still wondering Where I can steal some money or who I can scam just to get high. That was the life I was living for more the half my life. In just the last few weeks it has turned around so much just by taking a few steps. Reaching out, having hope and trust in something higher than myself changed me—because we can see what my thinking can get me into. It had me homeless, begging for money on the street to take a three-day bus trip across country just to get back to my comfort zone. Like, I look back and can’t believe how insane I was, how unpredictable I was. I never knew what was going on. I’ve put many people’s lives in danger, with no remorse or anything, just to get the next bag.

Anyway, on June 1, 2015, I was removed from my drug of choice and spent a total of 93 days in a treatment center. I did the halfway life and had a few slips to really remember my past. I needed it to value what God has given me. I’m thankful to be in a house. I’m buying my first car. I have a wonderful support group, great job, the girlfriend, my driver’s license. My kid is back in my life. The biggest thing is, I have my life back.

I made it back from the depths of hell. I’ve seen and done things that I will never be ever to forget, but God has allowed me the chance to live again and forgive me for those things in the past. I chase my recovery like I chased my dope. I have never given up and I will never give up this fight.

I hope someone reading this can gain a little hope. I was a low down dirty junkie who would rob you an help you look for what I took. I would manipulate you, until I got what I wanted. I would leave you hanging just to get a fix. But now I can be there for the ones I love. I show up to work on time and not high and I’m finally taking care of me for myself, no one else. Let’s stand strong and help the still sick. Let’s show them a better way of life. Again, I hope I touch someone out there.