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Heroin Household

Recovery isn’t easy. Heroin users are very prone to relapses. However, it becomes all that much harder when your entire family is addicted.

I live with my boyfriend in a small New England city that’s been hit hard by the heroin epidemic. Both of us are addicts. Also in the household are his mother, younger brother, his brother’s wife, his mother’s boyfriend, and his grandma. His grandma is the only person who doesn’t use heroin.

We’ve tried time and time again to quit using, but to no avail. Part of the problem is most definitely the fact that my boyfriend’s brother is a major heroin dealer. Before, we’d have to risk driving around to buy off the streets. Now, it’s right outside our bedroom door. Before, his mother would give us money to pick her up a bag. Now, she cries and screams outside her younger son’s bedroom door until he finally gives in and throws her some dope. She owes him over $100.

My boyfriend’s brother has been arrested for selling heroin more times than I can count yet is still not in jail. I want him put away, but I can only imagine the drama that will happen once he’s gone.

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