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Heroin? Just don’t.

My name is Danny. I don’t care who knows who I am. I have been in recovery since July 26, 1994. I am a recovering heroin addict.

The issue with kids these days is that they think it’s cool to get high on dope. It’s all fun and games in the beginning, but that doesn’t last for long. You go from doing it on the weekends to doing it no more than two days in a row. You see, once you hit that third day, you’re done. Now you have a physical addiction on top of your already physiological addiction. You go from sniffing to shooting. You go from wearing t-shirts on a hot summer day to long sleeved shirts to cover the track marks and the abscesses in your arms. Then, when your arms are shot, you go to your hands. Unless you want to wear gloves, there is no hiding the fact that you’re a junkie. Are we having fun now? Holding down a job is next to impossible. You have stolen everything from your family. Now, it’s about robbing stores and scamming to get high. You certainly don’t have money for a car. So you hop on buses and subway cars that you don’t pay to get on. Eventually, you’re homeless or in jail or dead.

I was homeless. Even though you do get pinched for possession, I was lucky to just do a few days in jail. Back then in Brooklyn it was a disorderly conduct ticket: a $100 fine, done. These days, not so lucky.

Nothing is worse than being dope sick. You would rather be dead. You can’t move and you’re too sick to cop. Let’s also not forget that, God forbid, your works clog or the needle breaks off. Then, you’re fucked. Or if you miss your last bag. You will be on you knees crying.

So, to sum this up, heroin sucks! All it takes is that one sniff, and you’re done. Please try to think before you get started. There is no happy ending.