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[ Short Form & Affirmations ]

Heroin: The Lie

I promise you a life free from all worries and cares.

I promise you a life filled with self love and confidence.

I promise you a life of fun with great friends.

I promise you a life filled with everything you ever wanted.

I promise you a life with no regrets or guilt.

I promise you relief from all pain, past and present.

I promise you great feelings: no sadness, no anger, no resentment.

I promise you only great and wonderful things in your life with me.

In the beginning I will give you all these wonderful things. I will very quickly become your one true love and you will love me more than anything else. Once I have you in my tangled grip and you have no where to run, I will ask for everything back. Some things you will willingly hand over to me and the rest I will simply take. Why? Because all of these things I promised come at a cost. A great and miserable cost. I now OWN you, your thoughts, and all of your actions.

I will give you a life filled with more struggles and problems than you can handle.

I will exchange any amount of self-love you have left with true self-hatred.

I will run all of your good friends away and give you “friends” who do not think twice about screwing you over for their next high.

I will put you in every situation you swore to yourself you would never be in. I will have you do everything you swore you would never do.

I will give you a life completely filled with regrets and mountains of guilt.

Your life will be painful.

Sadness, anger, and resentments will rule your life. Your only relief from these feelings will be when you use me.

I will take away every great, wonderful, and happy thing in your life.

I promise you happiness, I give you pain and misery.

I promise you a good life, I give you one you no longer want to live.

I promise you only good things, I give you your own personal hell on Earth.

I promise you a good life, I take away your will to live.

My name is heroin.